Waiting for the First Shot

Want to know why unlawful government has grown so large, gotten so bold, and is on the verge of destroying our Republic? The greatest LAWFUL force has stood down from its duty… the Militia. I’m not referring to the National Guard, which is a select Militia subject to call up by the President and therefore Federal pawns, but the citizens at arms. Since the Federal attacks of Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas, Militias have sprung up all over the Republic. Men and women training together to stand as a force to protect their communities from government attack… but are they?

The Internet is ablaze with stories of Federal raids against citizens for producing and selling raw milk, building on their land, exercising their right to keep and bear arms, and thousands of other “offenses” government deems illegal or against their interests. Most of these attacks are against people exercising their natural rights, protected by the 9th amendment. Things like providing shelter for themselves and their family, growing food to feed them, exchanging labor for money to pay for clothing and other necessities of life… producing sustenance from the land… defending themselves from invasions of their rights and property by government and others.

All of these activities are necessary for our lives and our pursuit of happiness. These raids to protect corporate interests, such as Monsanto, violate the purpose of government and the conditions of our consent; exactly what the Militia is supposed to protect. IF the Militia was defending its citizens as intended, the spark of restoration would have been lit decades ago… yet they’re still drilling and waiting for the government to shoot first… after the governments have killed thousands. Just what constitutes a first shot to them?

Sammy Weaver was shot in the back while trying to retreat to his home after Federal Marshalls shot his dog with no notice and he returned fire in defense. His mother, Vicky Weaver was shot through the head while clutching her baby and holding the door open for husband after he was shot trying to go from the shed where they put Sammy’s body and the house. Hundreds of armed Federal agents surrounded them; were it not for the media attention they got they would have been burned out like so many others have. Where was the Militia of Idaho then?

In the next year, the BATF raided the church and home of the Branch Davidian sect of the Seventh Day Adventist church, in Waco, Texas, culminating in a fiery inferno and gun battle that resulted in the death of 84 souls. Where was the Militia of Texas then?

I have seen a lot more than the first shot in the 40 years I’ve been paying attention… yet there is no clash between Militia and government forces… why? What are they waiting for?

We’re losing this war because we’re not resisting the tyranny through all means necessary. We’ve been led to believe that “fighting within the system” will force government to return the power they’ve usurped. I don’t know what planet these so-called leaders come from but NO government in the history of the world has just given back the power it has usurped without some major convincing with armed force. How anyone can claim with a straight face that our judicial system is anything but corrupt and a tool for the bureaucracy is mind boggling to me; just look at attempts to get Obama to prove his eligibility. Every dollar we spend on lawyers is a dollar less for material in the war that is clearly raging against us.

Without a credible show of force, you have no argument worth hearing… unless you’re willing to back your position with force there is no incentive for anyone to take you seriously. The Militia was supposed to be the people’s force… the enforcement arm of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’m not sure if that’s true today, since so many usurpations and attacks continue to go unchallenged by them.

Can anyone convince me otherwise?

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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38 Responses to Waiting for the First Shot

  1. Jim Fishback says:

    Succinct and Poignant as usual.
    We may be too late already, and if not the ensuing battle will let much blood of Patriots and Tyrants.
    Maybe if we had heed this warning years ago less Patriots blood would need be spilled.

    Hope you are mending well,
    Shalom my Brother

  2. Jeff Hill says:

    I would recommend the course of action outlined by Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr in his book titled “Constitutional Homeland Security.” This is a proposal to revitalize the Militia of the Several States. And no, the National Guard does not qualify as the Militia even though 10 US code, Section 311 erroneously claims that the National Guard is the “organized” Militia. See the book Thirteen Words for the legal research to prove this fact.

  3. Chris Owens says:

    I have to say this….it is going to take more than 3% this time
    years ago when the first revolution happened, you didnt have huge police forces, therefore there wasnt too much resistance
    today we have large police forces, a lot of those guys will blindly follow order that are unconstitutional

    if we are ever to restore the republic through revolution again, we will need a force of 15% or more and will need to have controlled 1 to 2 states within a month or less
    thats why nothing has happened even though most of us are chomping at the bit

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The American people are the largest armed force in the world; we have the power and the means to decimate any force thrown against us.

      I believe you need to watch less television and talk to more American patriots… only in your mind are things as dismal; reality is much different and the globalist elite are banking on you never knowing it.

      “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Samuel Adams

  4. Sean Conover says:

    Mr. Mick, I am going to go so far as to say you are spot on, but… to leave you with fact that there have been at least 5 incidents which caused the stand down order to be given. From 1993 to 1997, the Militia’s of Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan were training heavily. On several occasions, we were scanned by helicopter and recon’d by personnel on foot. We knew we had nothing to hide, and continued to train. In 1993, Pike County Ohio, =(you can check the Wall street journal on this story as well) there was an instance where we received notification from a second amendment group to my CP, that a certain Federal Agency would be attempting to probe us to assess weakness and hopefully take in several members. Problem was, we were/are all vets. The LP/OP’s reported immediately to our FIST Teams, when the first 4 wheel vehicles attempted to enter the property. As we went to the area where the 4 wheelers had attempted to gain entry to the property, we found one of our men, from Kentucky, had made a stop of one of these vehicles and detained the individual until we arrived. He had already taken the individuals 2 way communication device which was not your regular Motorola found in Walmart, so this individual was without the assistance of his 3 other cohorts.

    We talked to the guy and one of my SGT’s began looking through his cooler. Oddly enough, there was a fresh six pack, but no ice… and this guy was dressed in very new looking flannel. The time was about 2300 hours, so by now, these would be good old boys should have been pretty dirty and possibly, if the fit the bill, half way to tanked. We knew we’d just been probed, so in speaking to the individual, we informed him that we would be contacting the authorities and that if he and his friends returned, would also be making a citizens arrest. He left, we went back to our perimeter and swapped out the LP/OP’s.

    After about two hours, we saw several sets of head lights beaming into the wood line from about 700 meters away. Having NVG capability, we also discerned that there were about a dozen personnel moving about the vehicles. Then we heard a voice on a bullhorn calling out… “you in the woods, this is the Pike County Sherriff’s Department, come out of the woods immediately.” Now I’m still to this day not going to reveal just how many individuals we had in that wood line but… rest assured, it as more than the 14 actually officers that were there that night. But we had no issues with the Sherriff’s department, so I and the property owner, walked down to the entrance to the 200 acre property to speak to them. Needless to say, they were surprised that we were still armed. One Officer asked who we were and I explained our unit identifier, what type of unit we were and that was it. When asked about my M1A and why I had it… the response was because it is my right and this is private property. I introduced the property owner… they talked, asked how many of us were on the property, which my reply was “enough”. Then they stated that they received a call from a group of individuals who said they had been rousted off the road by armed men. It was then I took the officers to the spot about 100 meters into the property line, where tire tracks could still be seen from the 4 wheeler and explained the situation, to the point that we even speculated these were not locals, rather federal agents or at least informants.

    After some time, and discussion, the Sherriff determined that it was time for them to go, we shook hands and they left. Three months later, these same deputies were at a gun show in Dayton Ohio. We stayed quiet, but several of us recognized them. We had been frequenting the shows with informational videos and had a table set up and were even in uniform. As the Deputies approached, one of them looked at us and said, “we ran into some guys like yourself, a few months ago… they were really polite and professional and we were talking about it later, thinking, man if they wanted to… we would have been toast.” Then it dawned on the officer… “It was YOU guys!”… even his fellow deputies got a laugh out of his statement… but we never brought that story up unless trying to explain to people that if you are inclined so, stand your ground! For whatever reason.

    This is only one of 5 incidents we had where LEO’s or Feds were forced to back down. Every hear of Parma Ohio? Read up on that incident sometime. Lansing Michigan? Same… But look… it isn’t about killing anyone, lord knows we don’t want that… but we must be prepared to make a show of force, and our intent to use it if necessary. Just like the 5 S’s we used in the military (Shout Show Shove Shoot Shoot). As a Military veteran, having served the past 12 years over in places like Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan, I can tell you how you present yourself goes a long way. If done properly, you will likely never have to fire a shot to communicate your message. Confidence and knowledge of the use of arms and the laws that govern our nation… not these hack job Executive Orders, but real rule of law, then you are fine in exercising your Constitutional Rights. And should someone from any entity determine to act out in a manner unbecoming uniformed authority, then it is the right and the duty of the people to defend against it.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      All that being said, Sean… In your opinion, just what should be done about the lawless conduct of the Feds and their collaborators in our local government? Our oath was to support and defend the Constitution and these people are wiping their butts with it while plundering our people.

      Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas are just two high profile incidents from time past where the Feds and local authority participated in the murder of American citizens. Where was the militia then when they were needed most?

  5. Mark Flaming says:

    No sir, unfortunately I cannot refute you. I am a vet. I see all this. WE see all this.
    I have friends who participated in the vets march on DC (I was offshore at the time).
    People are largely apathetic and lazy. There is a precious few who are awake and also watching.
    But more crusted eye-lids are opening every day.

    I know what it is going to take sir. An atrocity on the level of Waco or Ruby Ridge. The implementation of Martial Law.
    That will be the cold bucket of water to all the sleepers. Will knock the fence-sitters to one side or another.
    It will have to be big, and ugly. Then the Militias, the People, just might stand up.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      I have proposed an alternative to that scenario… If you see the possibilities I do, share it… We might still have martial law imposed but if everyone just following the first part of the plan, the globalist forces would lose handily… We vastly outnumber and outgun them if we’ll only return to BEARING out arms again.


    • Sean Conover says:

      Mark, and host…

      We all see it. Some of us are still over seas, but we see it. Please, Americans, be wary, but understand, that after Katrina, many of the Guard Units that were sent to confiscate (“secure”) firearms, realize what they did and won’t be party to it again. I was in the Balkans when my unit was sent there to do that and know that most of the guys will not be participating in that atrocity again.

      As for what needs to be done? Well, less than 3% ever get involved and of that less than 1% ever make the efforts on the ground. It will come, we will prevail and we will win this nation back. The damn thing is, those that fight us on these issues are the ones that embolden these politicians to think this behavior is ok. The people that embolden these politicians have just as much to lose as anyone, yet they are to brain washed to see it.

  6. sylvester97 says:

    I wonder what the military would do if their president commanded them to go against their own people?would they defect and join the citizens?.Or would they follow orders?You cant tell me every one in Hitlers army thought he was doing the right thing.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      They will follow orders; after all, they’ve been obeying the orders of a foreign enemy agent usurper throughout the chain of command up to now.

      • Mark Flaming says:

        I disagree. I wouldn’t have fired on US Civilians. As an NCO I would not have given or relayed that order. All service member from the Army, Marines, Navy to the Air Force are duty bound to not follow an illegal order. People need to remember, the folks on the other side of those rifles are our sons, daughters, husbands and mothers.

        I do think there will be those who love the feel of Jack Booted Power, they will be the equivalent of a new SS-Gestpo-Einsatzgruppen.

        The FEMA Youth look disturbingly like the Hitler Youth, they grew up and turned into the Waffen SS. “Give me four years to teach the children”. Lenin said that and it is true.

      • Thomas Mick says:

        I thank you for complying with the terms of your oath of office in that you would not fire on Americans… It shows that you have honor. That does not detract from the fact that hundreds of sworn Federal and state officers, including elements of the military did in fact fire on Americans and comply with unlawful orders. Any orders that compel you to violate the terms of your oath are unlawful orders, not just firing on Americans in compliance with some of them. What I’m seeking is a return to honor in America and compliance with the oath in ALL aspects of service.


      • Bret Bourg says:

        Thomas, like you, I have seen plenty of first shots over the years, The obvious ones that you state in your article and many more that never see anything more than slight local coverage. For the last three years I have been seeking out a group to join here in Texas. That search has been quite disappointing for many reasons. I have had contact and trained with three different groups, only to watch them fail. The failures all followed a common thread, with the main reasons usually being poor leadership, lack of focus, and a misunderstanding of what a militia is supposed to do.
        Our government has done an excellent job of fracturing our society, keeping us all so off balance that although we know so many things are terribly wrong, it is exceedingly difficult to determine where and how to begin setting things right. The Texas problem seems to be that we have hundreds of small groups scattered across the state, each with their own ideas of how to train and what to train for, but there are no clear thoughts on how to get the groups to work in a coordinated fashion. Each group only seeks to protect their own small little piece of turf, losing sight of the bigger picture of how to defend and hold the entire state, something that MUST be done if the goal is to preserve the ideals that this country was founded upon.
        If what I have observed here is any indication, Americans are too distracted, divided and just downright apathetic to be able to mount any effective large scale resistance at this time. Many ARE waking, but is it too little, too late?

      • Thomas Mick says:

        It is not too late as long as we retain our arms. I have a plan, which I have also published on this blog and addresses the problems you just described. Read it and share it with those small fragmented communities… We MUST win the Republic back or liberty will be lost, not just in America but the whole world


    • BrickCorner says:

      The present admin has about 3 more years. The forming of any kind of “Coup” would take more than that to just organize. And even then, this sort of thing would be doomed from the onset, if not accomplishing nothing more than the institution of Martial Law, Anarchy, and chaos across the country. It is not just a dangerous proposal, but a wrong headed mindset.

      • Thomas Mick says:

        From what I just read in your comment, you’re already defeated in my mind and none of the things I write will make sense to you. My blog is not designed for those who have resigned… surrendered in their mind and is wholly unsuited to you.

  7. mario 3ds says:

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    opiniοns. Great site, continue the good work!

  8. Thomas Mick says:

    There is a follow button at the top of the blog…

    I’m not sure about the RSS feed… I’m relatively new to this medium.

  9. I always ѕpent my half an hour to read this web site’s posts everyday аlong
    with a cup of coffee.

  10. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after looking
    at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  11. Zapo says:

    If you are tired of all the tyranny, the injustice, the corruption from our government, we have the means to do something about it. We the People need a Common Law (Citizens) Grand Jury in every state and counties. It is completely run by We the People and it is our Constitutional right and the Supreme Court agreed it’s our Constitutional right. It supersedes all federal courts decisions and they must enforce the decisions of the Citizens Common Law Grand Jury. With that we can arrest all those criminals in our government and nullify all non-constitutional laws and much more. The Common Law (Citizens) Grand Jury gives We the People the power to make right of the wrongs. Wake up People and be aware! We the People are the rulers of our country and the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land!!! Know your Constitutional Rights and Common Law Rights!!! Common Law means – No damage to property or injury to person(s) = no crime.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The Constitution confers no right to anyone, neither does the Bill of Rights. Our Rights come from our Creator and are inherent and that fact should be self-evident to anyone who doesn’t worship government and depend on it for everything.

      I’m not convinced in the least that the Grand Jury has as much power as you assert here. The Constitution itself supersedes any decision, opinion, law, or edict that contravenes it. The Grand Jury can investigate and indict but the Constitution is still the law.

      The problem we have today is enforcement… you can indict these usurpers and criminals all day long but without someone to remove them from their offices and place them in a cell or coffin as the circumstances warrant, such indictments are meaningless. Hence the reason I focus as much as I do on the oath of office…

  12. …”Without a credible show of force you have no argument worth hearing… unless you’re willing to back your position with force there is no incentive for anyone to take you seriously.”…

    Mick, My own perspective remains, I will work peacefully and through the ballot box to present a show of force. If the elections are rigged, I will work peacefully to help make them fair. If government is tyrannous and corrupt, I will seek out candidates who speak truth to power and campaign on a pledge to reverse engineer the growing tyranny of the past 30 years. In fact, I that’s one of the reasons I looking at supporting Andrew Basiago for President in 2016.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      We must each do what our Creator directs for us to do. Some of us are peacemakers and diplomats, others have different callings on them… We must do what’s in our hearts to do. I respect your efforts and hope that G-d enables you to experience every success… but it is good that you realize that without the threat of force, government has no incentive to change.

  13. Rick Bloom says:

    Great points Thomas. I also completely agree with mfernandez57mn. The government is criminal but it got to the point that it has due to our own immorality, perversion and refusal to acknowledge God’s law.

  14. Bruce Bowers says:

    Excellent, Thomas M. and m57mn. I am with you men.

  15. catherine says:

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  16. filmy says:

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  18. So then Mick, what do you suggest? I mean, unless all the militias unite and act together, there’s not much point to anything. Any resistance by an individual or a single group is an exercise in futility if not downright suicidal (as you pointed out with your examples). Ordinary people trying to live their lives being arrested, jailed, fined, killed by the government.

    I would gladly join in an effort to restore this nation to the Constitutional Republic it once was decades ago, but…. but there really doesn’t seem to be anything to join. As you said, the “militias” have been all show, no go to date. So, I’ll just hunker down and pray for the best while preparing for the worst.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      I have been trying to direct people to the Constitution for answers as well as reach out to veterans and active duty military. The oath of office gives clear direction but it seems that honor has taken a back seat to obeying orders. I am only one person who is trying my best to awaken the sleeping giant in America… I wish I could tell you more at this time but until my audience gets bigger my impact won’t result is anything more than a firecracker.

      Besides, I am small potatoes compared to Adams, Madison, Jefferson, and Washington; the work the founders did in our founding documents contain the plan to regain our liberty. It’s just going to take the American people to rise up and follow that plan.

      • Well Mick, what you say is true but I’m afraid too late. I believe that due to our failures in the past oh, say 100 years or so, that the balance has finally shifted and the government we see here now is but the tip of the iceberg that has sunk our nation as surely as the Titanic was sunk moments after striking that iceberg that sunk her just over a hundred years ago. Sure, she did not sink for just under 3 hours, but she was as good as sunk the instant she struck it. The same with our nation. Our iceberg was the education system which beginning with higher education, was used to indoctrinate the next generation of voters and more importantly, teachers. Gradually that indoctrination seeped down to the lower levels, secretly at first, but in the last 30 years openly. Now we have schools openly teaching anti-Americanism, homosexuality, socialism, you name it. And they’re not teaching these things as evils that exist in a fallen world, but rather, as “good” things, things to be celebrated, defended.

        Mick, we now live in a time when the majority of high school age people don’t think there is anything wrong with socialism, or sexual immorality. Where morality is no different than reality, which is to say, they’ve embraced post-modernism to the point where there is no such thing as objective truth anymore. Especially when it comes to right and wrong. And that, Mick, is our greatest problem. Yes obummer was elected twice primarily by voter fraud, but were 14, 15, 16, and 17 year olds allowed to vote, he probably would have won without the fraud. And it only gets worse as you go down in age.

        We have the government we deserve in another respect. When you consider that for years homosexuals, adulterers, serial fornicators, liars, etc., have been being elected and reelected to every office in the land, from local school boards and city councils all the way to the White House (Harvey Milk, self-admitted homosexual pedophile [who the U.S. Postal Service is honoring with a stamp] to Ted Kennedy who killed a girl in a drunk driving accident and didn’t even try to save her, Barney Frank who came out of the closet on the capitol steps with his underage page lover, Bill (I did not have sex with that woman) Clinton, to name but a handful), and with all that happening all over the country all the time, do we really need to ask if obummer is the problem or us?

        We are the problem, the citizens and the church. We are the problem because we’ve bought the lie of settling for the lesser of two evils, instead up putting up godly candidates and supporting them. We are the problem because we let ourselves lose the culture war by not being involved enough in the education system (starting 100 years ago with the colleges). We are the problem because we allow unbelievers to have a “place at the table” when they should never have had one because they are the ones who introduced this nonsense about being “inclusive” about people having the right to vote who are openly immoral in their own lifestyle, or are uneducated and therefore cannot vote intelligently on the issues or the candidates. They are the ones who told us to not be so “narrow minded” about candidate so-and-so’s “peccadillos” because he/she/it is the “only” one who can beat the opponent. (That worked out real good with McCain and Romney, didn’t it?). There’s so much more. But in short, we have the government we deserve and which God has given us as punishment for abusing the Freedom He gave us and using it as an opportunity for the flesh, for kicking Him out of our schools, and our society as a whole. This nation was founded as a Christian nation and a Constitutional Republic. We have let it degenerate into a modern day Sodom, and God will not let that pass.

        There is a war coming, a war that will be as much political as spiritual. Let us hope that once more God grants us the victory and a new American Republic will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, washed in fire and blood. We don’t deserve it, but we can pray for God’s grace that He allows it.

      • Thomas Mick says:

        I can’t argue with any of that comment. I believe that judgement is coming, a blood debt is going to be paid for the wanton slaughter of more than 50 million souls in the wombs of their mothers, allowing the enslavement of our family, friends, and neighbors through usury, and multiple sins against the nations of the world for allowing our government to become an imperial force in contravention of the Constitution.

        I also believe that God is faithful and will preserve a remnant unto himself and that remnant will restore the Republic when the judgement is over.

      • Yes Mick, God is certainly faithful and will preserve a remnant unto Himself. Whether He will grant that a new American Republic be restored is another matter that is not so certain. He may and I hope He does, but nowhere in Scripture is there a stated need for another American Republic and, as I mentioned in the other post, considering the poor job we did in preserving the first one…

        Let us hope and pray Mick, that God grant a new America arises, purified with fire and blood, but mostly, let us pray that His will be done.

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