The Battle Before Us…

The globalists use the Constitution to hide and obfuscate the truth of what they’re doing, yet deny the same protections for us when they come after us for selling or using raw milk, driving over the speed limit, building a shed on our own property, or buying a pistol for our protection… and we just comply….

Knowing they have control of the judiciary, they challenge us to bring suit against them so their shills can rule against us after enriching the system with more of our treasure; and like drones, most of our patriot groups comply, raising money from the people to spend fighting battles in stacked courtrooms; enriching the system at the expense of the people. Just see the astounding success they’ve had at our expense… the ease which we can obtain a pistol of our choosing, for example.

There has never been a need to take a gun control law to court… the matter was decided by Congress and the States in 1791 and is clearly written in the Bill of Rights. There is no such thing as an illegal weapon in the hands of an American… yet the matter has been adjudicated now for a century and our people are routinely being denied the means to defend themselves by police, sheriff departments, and Federal Agencies… I’ve even been asked by my doctor if I had weapons in my house.

The courts have been used by the globalists to blur the lines established by the Constitution and Bill or Rights with “opinions” from judges as to the language in the Constitution as if the people cannot see it for themselves. They want us to think we cannot grasp the complexities of the English language, nor learn to decipher 18th century legal language and need some educated judge or lawyer to “interpret” it for us; thereby controlling the interpretation given and our perceptions. Lawyers today won’t look at the written Constitution unless it is backed up by some ruling in a court; a ruling that gave an “opinion” of either a judge or a panel of judges. More weight is given in court to the opinion than the Constitution in many cases… often resulting in changing direction.

I understand the Constitution just fine and never spent a day in law classes; plenty of time in law libraries, but not before a Marxist professor who was teaching a perversion of it. We need to stop depending upon others whose loyalty and training has been influence by the very people we’re battling. Start reading the Constitution, understanding the principles underlying it and the Bill of Rights by reading the material they read to come to their understanding.

If you have any questions regarding the founders intent regarding any particular section of the Constitution you can read either the Notes of the Debates of the Convention of 1787, by James Madison, or notes of the proceedings written by others, or the Federalist Papers. Don’t trust ANYTHING written by a lawyer that doesn’t base his understanding of law on the Constitution and the severe limitation of governmental powers.

Globalism has insinuated itself throughout our culture through media, education, our military institutions, and government. Psychological brainwashing techniques have been used on us and our families to assure compliance with their plans… even when those plans include killing us or more properly stated, culling the herd.

Through their efforts since the end of WWII, using our tax dollars and NAZI, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese discoveries made while experimenting on their people and our prisoners of war, they have learned how to modify the behavior of whole populations. Programs such as Mkultra have given them the keys to our minds and our televisions, radios, and even computers to some extent, have provided them with the conduit they needed to program us.

Learning these things is half the battle, breaking away from the programming, educating ourselves about the truth of globalism and throwing its insidious and elitist adherents out of America must be done to regain what has been stolen from us through fraud, deceit, and infiltration. We can regain our Republic but it must be done by us, not our military and certainly not by any politician of the caliber we have today. Our enemy is not going to leave quietly; in fact, since our awareness of them is rapidly increasing they are going to become desperate and accelerate their efforts to destroy us.

Learn, teach others, stop complying with ANYTHING that isn’t in compliance with what YOU read in the Constitution, and prepare for the fight of your life.

You may find that focusing our attention on the fraud of the 17th amendment will be the most effective means at setting the globalists back at least a century in their efforts. The 16th amendment was also imposed by fraud, proven by Red Beckman and Bill Benson back in the 80’s and documented in their book The Law that Never Was.

The Federal Reserve Act is blatantly unconstitutional on its face, since Congress and the States failed to amend Article I, Section 10 requiring the States to use nothing but gold or silver coin as tender in payment of debts. There is the matter of Article I, Section 8, clause 5 as well. <photo id=”4″ />

I call those three acts the legs of the stool of world order enacted through the Wilson Administration. Kick one of them out and the whole stool topples… I chose the 17th amendment because as a result of the fraud, everything the Senate has touched since the first third of the Senate was replaced by popularly elected ones is a product of fraud; it will force a comprehensive “reboot” of the Federal system and the replacement of the entire judiciary.

Furthermore, only the state legislatures have standing in the matter and it is they that have the power to force the remedy spoken above because they are the damaged party. The court has no standing because the courts have been tainted by the fraud; the justice department’s leadership is confirmed by the Senate, also tainting it by the fraud. ALL treaties passed through the Senate since 1915 were tainted by the fraud, ALL bills of expenditure have required the assent of the Senate… in fact, EVERYTHING done by Congress since 1915 is tainted by this fraud.

The fraud is exposed when you read the last clause of Article V, requiring a unanimous ratification by the states to change state suffrage in the Senate, a requirement not met by the 17th amendment. Until integrity is restored to the Federalist System defined by the founders in the Constitution is restored and working again, it will be impossible to stop the corruption that is consuming our Republic.



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A comprehensive article on the fraud of the 17th amendment:

The Law that Never Was, by Bill Benson and Red Beckman:

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My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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