Government Obedience to the Constitution: The Only Course to Liberty

The cancer of globalism has effectively destroyed America from within and every one of us has in some way allowed it, many ignorantly, by complying with their unconstitutional laws, the unconstitutional opinions of the Court, and tolerating and obeying the unconstitutional Executive Orders of Presidents. Those globalists today, through their unlawful influence over our government, have imposed a foreign usurper to the Office of the President whose job it is to finally and irrevocably destroy what remains of our constitutional Republic.

We must stop complying with the unlawful acts of government. It is long past time for the American people to learn the rules government must follow, contained within the Constitution and Bill of Rights; pushing back when our servants violate it. That must be done for the preservation of the lives, liberty, and opportunities of the generations that come after us. If we fail in this task, we will be condemning our posterity to perpetual servitude for generations to come. It was stated in our Declaration of Independence that the sole purpose of government is to secure our rights; to protect our natural rights from each other, other nations, and overreaching politicians… yes, when our Courts act with integrity and constitutionally they can even slap down and punish their own when they exceed their limits.

An essential element in restoring our liberty is restoring the integrity of the Federalist System the Constitution defines; a system of checks and balances that was designed to prevent one part of the government from interfering or usurping the power of another. One such usurpation occurred with the imposition of the 17th amendment through fraud and deceit during the Wilson Administration; denying the creators of the Federal Government, the Several States, from their representation in the Senate. Before ANY restoration of our Republic is possible, this fraud must be repudiated. The details are very well articulated in an article written by Paul C. Hanson, linked in an open letter I’ve written for people to present to their state representatives.

It is only through the efforts of the people, through their elected representatives starting at the local level that can bring us back to adherence to the Constitution and prosperity. It is important that we elect principled men and women to office that will stand for the truth and faithfully fulfill the duty and obligations of their oath, no more. Our people must choose representatives that will represent our expressed will through the Constitution, not the clamoring of the mob or special interest in contravention of it. Men and women of character with backbones and faith that will resist the threats and temptations of office and only do those things permitted to them by the Constitution. If you want them to do something different, go through the process of lawfully amending the Constitution.

For all that to work the people must know the rules government must follow since we are the enforcement arm of the Constitution. In the past our churches and synagogues were the places where the principles of the American republic was taught, the people learned the origins of their natural rights, and our obligation to preserve liberty for future generations from scripture. Today’s churches are government corporations that have submitted to agreements that muzzle the pulpit and deprive our people of that knowledge in exchange for a perceived financial benefit… just who is God is such a corporation?

Government isn’t there to give you a free lunch, provide sustenance to you or your family, or remove competition from your company to your advantage. It wasn’t permitted to decide what industries would survive or fall, only that they have an equal access to the market; letting the people decide with their dollars which one survives. Again… government’s sole purpose is to secure our unalienable natural rights.

You don’t have a right to food, only the right to work the ground to produce it or in some way earn the money to buy it without intruding on the rights of another. We will always have people among us that choose not to work or create yet insist upon being fed; the Book of Proverbs refers to them quite often and what their lot in life should be, starvation. It will amaze people just how much incentive an empty stomach is to get up and do something to fill it; if they should decide to steal the property of others they shouldn’t be surprised if someone exercises their natural right of self-defense; there is no need for food in the grave.

For those of us who, through illness or some other infirmity cannot work or provide for themselves there is the family. The family is the unit we’re born into that provides for us as we grow to maturity, teaches us the skills necessary to survive when we reach it, and is there for us to help get us through some of the rough spots when we need them. America was built upon the strength of the family; today government has replaced it for so many, especially those families raised on welfare with no fathers present to provide discipline and direction in life.

For those unfortunate souls that have lost their family or outlived them as the case may be, there is the community… the church or other charitable institutions that are staffed by caring and loving people who have dedicated their lives to help the unfortunate. America was foremost in giving freely of their time and money to aid suffering throughout the world at the turn of the 20th century without any aid from government. Since government stepped in misery in the world has only increased as our benevolence has been turned to malevolence by our State Department, choosing who receives foreign aid and for what purpose.

You don’t have a right to a retirement and government hasn’t been granted the power to collect it for you in the Constitution. If you wish to retire you should either put aside a portion of your earnings yourself for investment and saving or contract with a company to do it for you; not put your money in the hands of politicians. The 16th Amendment is a proven fraud, put into place by a progressive administration seeking to expand government and the power of international bankers.

You don’t have a right to my earnings and I don’t have a right to yours; it is our property and only we have the right to determine what we do with it. The taxes you pay should only go to pay for the legitimate function of government… functions that are clearly defined in the Constitution. How much of your hard earned dollars today go for programs the Constitution does not allow? It will shock you just how much government now takes from the productive capacity of the American people; do some research and see for yourself, while the information is still available for you to find.

Only the truth will make us free, not the promises of politicians or the appeasement of tyrants… If anyone paid attention to the numbers after the last election, thousands of precincts reported turnouts greater that 100% of eligible voters, many supposedly voting greater that 90% for Obama… Can anyone believe the electoral system is honest and above board anymore? I cannot and must believe what I see…

Our Republic was born from the ashes of the American Revolution and the desperate desire to breathe free; we must never forget that nor shirk from the necessity of it when it’s time. If we are to restore our liberty and leave a world where our children can breathe free we must force government back behind the limitations of the Constitution and learn to once again care for ourselves without government.

In a free America, we determine the course we wish to take in our lives; the government is there only to secure our rights while we do so. To some, freedom is a terrifying thing to contemplate because it requires the capacity to determine your own course and too many of us today have lost our way. Let us come together again as a people and reestablish good government under the Constitution. Once government is no longer obstructing our path, imagine what frontiers we can explore together, to the benefit of all mankind.

About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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6 Responses to Government Obedience to the Constitution: The Only Course to Liberty

  1. ofthehighest says:

    Exactly, if We want our elected representatives to do anything other than what we have adopted in our Constitution, we would amend our Constitution. Only arrogant men and women sitting on thrones they for themselves that they have created would act in opposition to our Constitution—usurping our sovereignty.

  2. I agree with you of course Tom. Also, I found your blog from John Carter’s blog, both of which are good.

    To respond specifically to the part where you mentioned that to return to our Constitution would require us to elect people who are good for service at the local level and it would go from there is true in theory, however, this thing that we desire is not possible anymore. It hasn’t been in a very, very long time. It is so far beyond the idea that we can vote our way out of this tyranny. The idea that electing anyone worth a dang that would even possibly be able to help change things (even with a group of them in each state) is not going to happen in this climate.

    The Declaration of Independence applies today just as it did in 1776. The truths are evident to us where these truths are provided by the Lord Himself, to men who desire to eradicate evil men in power. To do this at this point in our country (and for some time now too) will require the greatest sacrifice and cooperation ever needed by American’s who consider themselves true patriots who will do what is necessary to restore our nation, economy & create a new government that is of the Constitutional Republican form that we have on paper. That is armed rebellion. Unless we take up arms, and form our respective groups/militias, we will fail to save this Republic from the enemy that has already taken over and destroyed much of our nation from within. We are living in a time where a police state exists as a standing army that serves to protect that government we want to fix peacefully & an authoritarian government that does everything opposite of what it’s allowed to do. It relies on people to be ignorant & apathetic, to let things continue as it does with the thinking on our end that if we just vote, pay our taxes & do what we’re told that everything will be okay. Everything is FAR from okay though.

    If you do not agree with this sentiment, that is most unfortunate because I have gone over & over this hope and idea that we can fix our problems that is so bad, that it has corrupted every level of infrastructure with our nation, local, state & the federal government, with voting & peaceful means. That option while noble & honest by those of us who care is not a fix, it is merely a band-aid on a wound so huge that the band-aid will only make it worse & fall right off. I used to vote because I thought it made a difference but as time went on, the truths came to me that it made no difference for anything good except that I was only contributing to the downfall of my nation, unwittingly though. I will not give anyone my consent as a citizen & a veteran who has sworn an oath to continue to disobey our rule of law & lie to us to merely get elected. To trust any politician, no matter how good his words may sound, is foolish.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The article you’re commenting on makes the case that only obedience to the Constitution is the proper course to liberty. It really isn’t geared towards our present crisis, but is more of a primer on government in general for America. If you read some of my other articles, such as Making A Stand, you will see that I’m very aware of our present circumstances. I would encourage you to read more of my articles here. Thank you for your heartfelt and accurate comments and perhaps someday we’ll meet on the other side of the war to come, if not, at the marriage supper with our Lord.

  3. susandrn says:

    Well, Tom, your “platform” (I realize you’re not running) won’t get you many votes, legitimate or otherwise, in today’s America, but from my point of view you speak the truth, not what people want to hear. (For what it’s worth, I think I’d consider giving you mine). It is only since “The Great Usurpation” (I just made that up!), as I became convinced of it, that I educated myself on how inadequate my own education had been, and how far we’ve come from what this great nation was meant to be/ could have been. I have to tell you… from all I hear (and I’m in overload right now), we’re in big trouble in so many areas and I can’t conceive of a way that we can possibly get out of this mess. I believe we’ve lost God’s protection when we stopped obeying His laws. I believe this nation could not have existed in the first place without His blessing, without our imploring His help. Now the great majority of the people who live here do not make God feel welcome,.

    I have to tell you… I’m frightened. My husband and I are of one mind in this matter, which helps immensely, but we can’t even discuss this with other family or neighbors without being laughed at. I’ve thought about doing the “prepper” thing, but, honestly, us against the most powerful (and many of the most evil and depraved) people in the world? The worst part of it, for me, is that my children (two grown sons who I dutifully sent off to good universities to be “contraeducated”) are now card-carrying atheists… that is a huge heartache.

    Thank you for adding me as a friend… I’m so glad to have met you! How do I join your blog? (maybe I already have?). If you’d be willing to, I’d be interested to know what happened on that date you mentioned (in 1973?) that awakened you to our current predicatment… that’s up to you.

    God bless you, Tom. We’ll keep in touch, as long as we can.

    God Bless America!!

    • Thomas Mick says:

      It is a mistake to allow the evil of this world overtake you and cause fear, anger yes, fear… Well that’s different when you consider that God is on the opposite side they are. Evil can only prevail when we cower in fear and allow it to. As for that date… July 14, 1973… I met Christ as my personal savior.

      I am informing my fellow citizens in order to encourage them and help them identify who the enemy is… Obama is a puppet doing the bidding of many others, globalists.

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