By Lt.Col “Bud” Farrell, USAF, ret.

When I was a young officer and jet fighter pilot flying missions in the Korean Conflict (unknowingly under the command of a Soviet General of the United Nations Security Council), I could never understand HOW THE ENEMY KNEW SO MUCH ABOUT US, as broadcast almost daily over the communist Pyongyang radio station in North Korea.

Our wives’ names, children’s names, Squadron Commander names, flight numbers, etc.! The North Koreans knew when we were coming, how many of us there were, what type of aircraft we were flying and even the targets we were to hit. Later I realized that the naval and ground forces suffered the same fate that we did, especially our Army and Marine infantry troops.

All of our military operations had to be forwarded by radio to the Soviet Commander of the United Nations Security Council at the United Nations Building, New York City, for approval before our forces went into action against the North Koreans and Red Chinese. The Soviet Commander of the United Nations Security Council delayed the battle plans until he used the radios in the United Nations Building in New York to relay all our “battle planning information” to Moscow, North Korea and Red China.

The enemy then contacted and relayed these battle plans to their communist forces in the field. The enemy knew when to move from an area and when to attack our smaller fighting forces. They knew beforehand when we were coming and how many of us there were. They knew everything about us all the time – 24 hours a day!!!

I later found this same form of “treason” was used against our forces in the Vietnam War. All information regarding “every battle plan in Vietnam” was given to the North Vietnamese, Soviets (Advisors), and Viet Cong Troops in the field DURING THE ENTIRE WAR. The enemy knew our every move at all times.

Our troops were led like sheep to the slaughter in both Korea and Viet Nam. Like blind fools we sent our combat plans to the enemy for approval.

There was a standing joke among us fighter pilots. “That Moscow had a file on each and every one of us.” How little did we really know. Every mission, every movement was compromised! General Walt, former Commander of the United States Marine Corps, reflected upon this information in his book that was written in the early 1980’s. This was never allowed to appear in any bookstore in the United States. During the Korean and Viet Nam conflicts, thousands of our fighting men were mentally or physically incapacitated BECAUSE OF THIS TREASON! To this day, the Soviets (or someone from one of their satellite countries) are the only ones who can command the United Nations “World Police Forces”.

Each and every one of us that served in Korea or Vietnam served under the total command of a Soviet General! Here are the names of the soviets and the dates they served as “Under-Secretary of the Security Council of the United Nations,” thus the highest military commander of all United Nations fighting forces anywhere in the world, INCLUDING ALL MILITARY FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES. These names and information was obtained from the United Nations yearbooks up through 1983. Later yearbooks were not available. (All listed below are Soviet Generals holding the office of “Under-Secretary for Security and Political Affairs”):

1946-1949 Arkady Alexandrovitch Sobolev;
1949-1953 Constantine E. Zinchenko;
1953-1954 Dragoslov Protich;
1958-1959 Antoly Dobrinin;
1960-1962 George Petrovich Arkadev;
1962-1963 Eugeny D. Kiselv;
963-1964 Vladimir Paulovich Suslov;
965-1967 Alexel Efemovitch Nesternko;
1968-1973 Leonid N. Kutakov;
1973-1978 Arkadv N. Shevchenko;
1978-1980 Mikhail D. Sytenko;
1981-1983 Vlacheslav A. Ustinov;
1988- Vasiliy Safronchuk.

“The post for ‘Political and Security Affairs’ traditionally has been held by a SOVIET NATIONAL as Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General.” [New York Times, May 22, 1963]

The Soviet Lt. General Alexandre Vasiliev, the Soviet Representative on the United Nations (Mini) Military Staff Committee from 1947 to January 1950, is the same General Vasiliev who took “a leave of absence from his United Nations job and was PLACED BY THE SOVIET UNION AND RED CHINA IN COMMAND OF ALL CHINESE COMMUNIST TROOP MOVEMENTS ACROSS THE 38TH PARALLEL.

During the Korean “Police Action”, Lt. General Vasiliev received all his military information and troop movements of all United Nations forces in Korea directly from his superior, Soviet General Constantine E. Zinchenko (see above, 1949-1953), who served as Under-Secretary of the Security Council of the United Nations in New York. ALL battle plans had to be APPROVED by him AHEAD OF TIME.

It was the traitor, President Harry S. Truman himself, who REFUSED TO ALLOW General Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the United Nations fighting forces in Korea, to bomb the bridges at the Yalu River over which the Chinese Communist troops came by the hundreds of thousands to kill and wound our soldiers. Truman and the Soviet General in charge at the United Nations TOTALLY HANDCUFFED MacArthur in all instances.

General MacArthur was only in command of the fighting forces in Korea, not in command of the United Nations position as “Under-Secretary of the Security Council”. A Soviet General held this position of POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER MACARTHUR and all the United Nations fighting forces in Korea. THE SAME WAS TRUE FOR VIETNAM.

When General MacArthur WOKE UP TO THE TREASON OF PRESIDENT TRUMAN and the Soviets in the United Nations, he executed one of the greatest military performances ever ventured in modern warfare. His dangerous but magnificent military engagement and sea landing at “Inchon” on September 15, 1950 enabled his military forces to slaughter the communist forces, destroy their massive supply dumps, and put the Red Chinese, North Koreans and their Soviet advisors on the run. [In other words, MacArthur kicked some ass!]

MacArthur never asked permission from the United Nations Security Council (Soviet General Zinchenko) to perform this SECRET military operation. MacArthur hand-picked close and loyal military officers in doing so, and they kept a tight lid on the entire operation. Originally, our forces were to never win any battles as planned by the Soviet Generals in the United Nations. But General MacArthur realized the treason and took positive action not only to save the lives of his fighting forces and destroying the enemy and their supply dumps, but also creating the “turning point” of the Korean War with his success at Inchon.

For this “positive action”, General Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command of the United Nations fighting forces in Korea by the traitor President Harry S. Truman.

President Truman feared General MacArthur so much that just prior to General MacArthur returning to the United States from Korea, Truman hid out at Camp David for over 3 weeks in fear of being arrested by General MacArthur, who was a 5-Star General and in command of all military forces in the United States.

This allowed the controlled press in the United States time to attack MacArthur on all fronts, even before he returned home from Korea. Big headlines in the monthly magazines of the United States described MacArthur “As like unto Hitler returning home to the Chancellory”.

With cunning control of their national news outlets over the minds of the people in the United States against MacArthur, the same man who had just saved the lives of thousands of their sons with daring military moves – against the wishes of the United Nations Command, in routing the Red Chinese and North Koreans at Inchon.

Now you know the real truth as to what really happened “behind the scenes” during the Korean Conflict between the traitor Truman and General MacArthur, the real hero!

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My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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