A Second Independence Day

I don’t oppose action or even force when it becomes necessary but I do oppose an action that could result in the needless deaths of people; people who could be far more effective accomplishing the same goal of restoring the American Republic, with less cost to them while restoring their local governments and defending their homes and families.

The nation is clamoring for a leader; someone to charge out front and remove what they know is destroying America while they follow behind in support. Under the right circumstances, this strategy makes perfect sense but in my opinion not for the struggle before us.

What will bring you to victory in one campaign may end up in disaster and defeat in another because each is different. When your enemy is amassed as an army on a field of battle where you can see him and smell the powder of his guns, you can perceive his strengths and weaknesses, deciding where best to attack and break his lines; but when the enemy has infiltrated your communities, occupying the seats of authority in your towns and cities, you have a much different scenario and must focus your attention and your forces in a different configuration to achieve victory over such an infiltration.

Charging into the sunset without first securing your home ground is leaving the enemy in your rear, free to attack your property, family, and those resources you leave behind. Everything you need to survive when you return home, assuming you survive the effort, is being left vulnerable for confiscation or destruction while you’re being occupied elsewhere, a tactic being used on our armed forces today; weakening them at home while using them to fight for globalist interests abroad.

We must fight from a position of strength and increase that strength as we progress in our struggle by starting on our home ground and then progressing up the chain of command as we secure the offices taken with loyal Americans. This strategy will gain all the assets of the enemy while continuously confronting him throughout the Republic, a move he cannot counter effectively with the resources at his disposal.

This war is against corruption, sedition, and treason; committed by people possessing our offices of honor and trust in government, from the local school board to the White House, and must be taken back in that order. Once we’re armed there is little that can be done to defeat us; our armed force, once pointed at them is the greatest fear of our enemies, hence the concerted attempt to disarm us at all levels of government. My plan terrifies them because it attacks ALL of them and removes their power as it progresses from a position they don’t expect us to attack, the local level.

I chose the date of April 15th because at this time, it is a date that represents fear and servitude to the American people as they send their hard earned property to their enemies. I want such dread removed from the psyche of the American people. Together we can turn that April 15th into the second American Independence Day, isn’t that worth the effort?



About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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2 Responses to A Second Independence Day

  1. Jim Bryant says:

    Sir: I read your comments on a daily basis, along with about 40 other sites. Your views, and concerns, largely mirror my own. Many others, as I read the various conservative sites, also share the spirit of your articles.
    In our Country, the citizens……those that are older, had faith in a political system that we believed was always working in our best interest, only to find out historically that there has always been an element with a hidden addenda.
    Your articles disclose many issues that are easily verifiable when brought to my attention, and for that, thank-you for your incite.
    In regard to your views on the movement mustering in Washington in May, I cannot say I world strongly disagree with your opinion, but would say only, that until American blood is shed on American soil, that no one is going to take principal seriously……a very unfortunate truth…..from my point of view. Backing down from the likes of this Administration and it’s political supporters is a lost option.
    A line in the sand is being drawn…….and is overdue…….and it’s time, not for words, but for action. It is time the opposite sides of the political spectrum confront each other……not with words…..but with empty promises that never get filled, but with real change. There is a time for pushback, and although the Administration has the tools to resist this movement ……. through a Justice Department that filters the Law through a political spectrum, and with all its various agencies ie FBI, CIA DEA, and a military that I believe understands and believes in the Constitution…….largely made up of the real patriots of this country……they are also tied into the belief in the Laws that govern this Nation…….The only fallacy is,
    that the “bad guys” don’t operate under those principals……indeed use those Laws to manipulate our System of values and Principals. I suspect we are on the précises of discovering who are the Patriots and who are the parrots in our system of Law enforcement.
    In my view, both the Legal System and the Political System have betrayed the principals those of us not in the elitist camps, have believed in for generations……..at least in spirit and principal.
    I have no death wish, but my legacy would be honored if I were to give my life for the principals this nation was built on…….minus the distortion.
    My father was in the 8th Army Air Force during WWII…..I do believe that was the last great generation…….and that statement is not meant to take away from the enormous contribution our military has made to our Country since then…….it is simply the last generation of true believers in the American way of patriotism and sacrifice……..and those folks paid a horrific price for the freedom loving people of the entire world……..and our children today don’t have a clue.
    As is often said in any endeavor….”Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way.”

    Thanks for your information young man.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      I agree that blood must be shed to regain our lost liberty, I only challenge the march on Washington because of the tactics being deployed and because of the red flags I see after watching the globalists deceive and lead us into disaster after disaster in order to manipulate and control us.

      I have an alternate plan proposed that arms all the people and removes the corruption at the local level before working at the state and Federal levels, building the strength of the people as it progresses. My issue isn’t that blood must be spilt, but how and why that blood is spilt. It is preferable that most of the spilling be done by those aiding the corruption, not the people of this Republic.

      I’m in this to win, not just contribute to some token gesture with little chance of success or capable of throwing us into a full blown civil war without the benefit of leadership that we can rely on.

      The world was much different in 1861… Both sides had leaders the people would follow, today we don’t.


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