Priorities of Restoration

Last night I had a recurring dream that called my attention to the priorities in the struggle to restore our liberty in the American Republic. The globalists who presently have command and control over our forces have introduced foreign forces within the republic to cause dissent and act as a rear guard against us should we rise up. The border with Mexico has been left open for decades now allowing millions of foreign invaders to pour unto our states from not only our neighbor to the south but from all over the world, people with an axe to grind. Lately, since a foreign enemy agent has been allowed to usurp the Office of the President, hoards of Muslims have been imported as refugees from territories occupied by our troops and allowed to set up training centers within the republic for prosecuting Jihad against us; the threats are formidable but pale in comparison to the corruption allowing them to be there in the first place.

I believe that all of those forces within our country are there to distract us and prevent us from removing the prime threat, which is globalist control of our governments. In our effort to restore the American Republic, our first priority must be regaining command and control; routing out the globalist infiltrators and their infrastructure from our land. Once we have accomplished that task and restored American command over our governments, then we can turn our undivided attention to the Mexican invasion and Islam, as well as any other force seeking our destruction. The American people at arms are a formidable force to be reckoned with; retaking our home ground will make us formidable against any foe.

The great task ahead of us is restoring our sovereignty by regaining control over our borders, removing unconstitutional globalist agencies from our government, restoring America’s competitive advantage in the world by removing the shackles of unconstitutional and unnecessary taxation and regulation, and removing the globalist Marxists from our Universities and colleges. People who hate America should not be teaching our people or holding offices sworn to support and defend our constitutions of government.

Regaining control over our borders

Once the corruption has been removed from our institutions, our remaining adversaries will be exposed for what they are; subversive threats to our sovereignty. Through cooperation with their globalist allies in our government, Mexican nationals have made major inroads within our states, taking control of wide areas while getting paid to do so with our tax dollars from Washington. Once we regain command and control there will no longer be cooperation from Washington; the money will stop and our immigration laws enforced by organized state force, including the Militia if necessary. For the first time in most of our lives we will consider people who cross our borders illegally as invaders, not immigrants or undocumented workers.

We still have a fight on our hands to regain the American Southwest from their grasp, since they’ve achieved demographic control over much of that territory for Mexico in many places. It is possible that we may even have to insist with force against Mexico itself; we must stop them from using their citizens as an invasion force in an effort to regain the losses they suffered in the Mexican War. Since the Militia has rearmed throughout the Republic, such a war is more than winnable and Mexico will be forced to repatriate their invaders or suffer horrendous losses as we insist.

Once the corruption has been removed, our sovereignty has been restored, our borders are secure, and the invaders repulsed, we will be able to once again focus on rebuilding the American Republic.


For the first time in generations our televisions will no longer be used to control our thoughts and beliefs, our schools will revert back to local parental control, our entertainment industry will reflect American values; driven by market forces, not working in tandem with government to program our minds and determine our values. Our prisons will no longer be swelling with a population that has committed no offense against another person. We will be free for the first time in generations, truly free.

It will be a much more difficult transition than many people think since we’ve grown to depend on government to tell us how to do most everything. With freedom comes responsibility and we must find ways to privatize what government had usurped without stomping on the rights of individual Americans in the process. From air traffic control to radio frequencies, specifications for ship building to pharmaceuticals and food processing… government has had its hands into everything and insinuated itself into every aspect of the individual’s life. Much of that must now be done without government coercion through voluntary cooperation within each industry.

Our servants in government

If an administrative function is determined to be best served by government in securing our rights, then an amendment allowing government to legislate in that area must be debated and sent to the states for ratification; thereby obtaining the necessary consent from all parties before exercising such power. The framers of our Constitution understood that times will change and changes would be necessary to accommodate them, which is why they provided for amending it. Once our governments are administered by loyal Americans who faithfully perform the duties of their oath, government will once again be our servant for the benefit of all, not a tyranny ruled by tyrants seeking our subjugation.

This author has never been against government. I believe that in its proper role of securing/protecting our natural rights it serves a useful purpose in our lives; allowing an avenue to equitably settle disputes, investigate and prosecute those that violate our rights, and provide a means for us to martial ourselves to repel threats from abroad, both economically as well as physically when necessary. I believe that our Federal Constitution, while not perfect, is the greatest constitution for government to date and with proper attention by an informed populace can become much better over time. Like all governments throughout recorded history, it is only as good as the people who administer it and we’re responsible to make sure they’re good people by making their conduct a point of personal attention in our lives; what our government does reflects on us as a people before the world.

The apparent ease which oath breakers have manipulate the law, impose unjust and confiscatory rules and regulations, legislated on matters where no authority had been granted while plundering the people through unjust and fraudulent means, shows a serious weakness in the Federalist System of government at a fundamental place, entry into and continuance in office. This has inspired me to write a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution that I believe would make a repeat of this experience much less possible:

Any officer of the United States or any state that violates the terms of their oath at any time during their tenure in office shall forfeit their estate and cease to be a Citizen of the United States or any of them. If such officer commits treason by their action as defined in Article III, Section 3 of this Constitution, they shall suffer death upon conviction according to the method a jury of their peers shall prescribe.

Getting such an amendment ratified will be a monumental task that would require wide support of the people, since the people passing such an amendment would be the ones subject to it. It is deliberately harsh to prevent corruption and protect the natural rights of the people from the usurpation that we will all have to throw off today. When we’re successful in this task, I believe the cost we pay will provide the support we need to get this inserted into the Constitution… I pray for that day to come soon.

About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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