Militia Organization in Times of Conflict

This is by no means complete but I believe touches on some important aspects. I am sure there are many opinions on this subject, this is mine.


A hostile threat has threatened the life, liberty, and/or property of the people of the state; either from an external force or tyranny from the Federal or state government. This paper is not addressing the issue of a natural disaster or something such as an industrial accident requiring the evacuation of people for the preservation of life. I believe the latter is of sufficient importance that similar consideration is paid to those considerations but my immediate concern is to provide recommendations for improvement to the structure of our defense in the absence of loyal American officers in the offices of honor and trust of the state and Federal governments.

The people choose to restore the American Republic, not secede and form a new government under a different Constitution. While the people have the right to do so I believe that strategy is fraught with danger and personally cannot support such a move in this age of corruption and the globalist elite.

My plan of action is being implemented and the command and control of our government is being returned to organic constitutional control.

The problems as I see them

051715_1626_MilitiaOrga1.jpgA serious problem exists that has only been recently exposed; reliance on the Militia has largely been removed over time since the Federal Government defeated the Southern forces composed by calling up the Militias and forming them. By defeating the Confederate States of America in 1865, the creation of the Federal Convention overthrew the sovereignty of not just the southern states but all states and exerted a dominance not granted by the Constitution that created it; a global corporate oligarchy. Subtly, over a period of more than 50 years a corporate layer was imposed on the republic until 1913 when that oligarchy imposed the 17th Amendment on the states; removing the last vestige of power of the states possessed in Congress. Since the oligarchy sees individual state Militias as a threat to their dominance and power, Congress, which is now little more than a corporate board of directors, began expanding their control over the Militias of the Several States while creating the perception of improving the system, by creating the easily “Federalized” National Guard.

A standing army

Since the cessation of hostilities of the War against State’s Rights (1861-1865), a standing army has existed under the oligarchy using the guise of emergency power as justification; do so is in direct violation of the provisions of Article I, Section 8, and clause 12 of the Constitution, this states:

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

The American Republic has had a standing Federal Army since Presidential Proclamation 1, of April 15, 1861. The Militias of the Union during the Civil War were Federalized and placed under the command of the President, making them Select Militias and part of the standing Army prohibited by the Constitution after the two years permitted by it. Never mind the fact that the Confederacy had every right to secede from the Republic, a right clearly stated in our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

051715_1551_MilitiaOrga2.jpgUntil Congress is replaced by those sworn and loyal to the organic Constitution of 1787 as amended up to 1860, the organization of and equipping the Militias of the Several States must fall to the people themselves. In my opinion, I believe structure of command should mirror that of the Army of the United States since it is a time tested and efficient structure that is battle proven. As we regain command and control of government we will regain command of the Navy and Marine Corps, which are constitutional continuous forces, with no time restrictions; being deployed abroad to protect American shipping and its people abroad, it was not considered to be a standing army that could be used to oppress the American people at home by the Convention.


Ranks from private to General should command similar structures of troops as employed today by the United States Army. Officers must be elected from among their ranks, since most governors today are loyal to the corporate Constitutions in place and must, in my opinion, either swear allegiance to the American Republic under the organic Constitutions or be replaced. All Militias in a state should be organized as an armed force of that state; joining with other state forces as the circumstances warrant but always having a principal loyalty to their state; during the Civil War, Lincoln considered such loyalty to be treason; I disagree. Kept from the American people is the fact that the American Republic is a confederation of sovereign countries, each having its own legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government; they were never intended to be subdivisions of the District of Columbia, as they’ve been treated since the afore-mentioned war.

There should be Infantry, Airborne, Air, and Armored Divisions in the Militia. These Divisions are responsible for the maintenance and care of their assets, such as vehicles, aircraft both rotor and fixed wing, and tanks. Units must be formed of appropriate personnel for that purpose and provide the means to carry out their duties, at first by capturing those means from the enemy and once American control is restored, through appropriations. All Militia assigned to any duty must be trained in the use of their primary weapon and capable of defending their position against any incursion of enemy forces.


Intelligence gathering during a time of war should be aggressive and focused on obtaining pertinent reliable information that would enable American forces to defeat planned actions of the enemy, organize and execute successful raids against them, and protect the people within restored American territory. I believe that intelligence units must be carefully monitored and except where a reasonable suspicion of espionage is suspect by an individual within American territory, focused solely at enemy forces and infrastructure. It should never be allowed to violate the natural rights of the people within the restored territory under the organic Constitution, since the Bill of Rights are in full force and effect in such territory and must be respected, even during a time of war.

If an enemy agent (spy) is discovered during a time of war the Militia should either use the spy to provide the enemy with disinformation or terminate the spy with extreme prejudice. In my opinion, the cat and mouse game of the cold war only served to allow the enemy to gain more information about our capabilities due to the trade-offs of the game.


As command and control is returned to government, assets within the area so restored should be distributed to the appropriate division.

Infantry weaponry such as machine guns, ammunition, shouldered fired missiles such as TOW, and other armaments and supplies, as well as armored troop transports should be immediately distributed to Militia infantry units as needed, who should retain those assets at all times with no restrictions whatsoever by government.

051715_1626_MilitiaOrga3.jpgApache or other helicopters along with their armaments should be distributed to the Militia Air Corps. This also applies to air tankers, bombers, fighters, and other assets captured.

051715_1545_MilitiaOrga4.jpgTanks and offensive armored vehicles should be distributed to the armored divisions.


All infrastructures such as barracks, forts, ammo bunkers, air bases, and other Militia infrastructures should be maintained by the state once control is returned to constitutional officers. Such infrastructure should never be allowed to descend 051715_1626_MilitiaOrga5.jpgto a state of disrepair and be kept ready for any need for Militia deployment within the state. The Federal government should have no jurisdiction whatsoever over Militia assets within the state until and unless the Office of President is restored to constitutional control and only then during a declared state of war for constitutional defensive purposes.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” – Preamble of the Constitution for the United States of America, 1787. [Emphasis mine]

I don’t see anything in there about empire and dictating our will to any other foreign country… do you?


This document is intended to be an overview of what I believe should be seriously considered by Americans going forward regarding the organization of the Militia. Since the infrastructure we’ve come to rely on is in the control of a corporate oligarchy and not officers faithful to the Constitution, it has become necessary to address what I believe to be defects in the Militia logistical and organizational structure. This is by no means a comprehensive plan but an outline to build on. It is an infrastructure I believe would greatly enhance the effectiveness of our efforts to restore and then safeguard the American Republic.

©2014, 2015 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved. Permission to distribute for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted, in whole or part, provided attribution and a link to this article is included. Commercial distribution without the written permission of the author is prohibited.

About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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11 Responses to Militia Organization in Times of Conflict

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  3. Az Ranger says:

    Mr Mick, your analysis is incorrect. The federal and local forces in place were out manned and outgunned! Had they fired one shot everyone of the BLM “non-employee operators” would have been killed! There were trained and well-positioned militia members that had them all in a high-low cross-fire! They were dead meat, and that is why they backed off!

    They thought they initially thought they had the advantage when they were muzzling unarmed men, women, and children! But by the time the cowboy line moved forward the unarmed were mostly behind them, and the rest of us were in pretty good frontal positions. By the time reinforcement would have arrived, we would have been gone, and melted into the crowds!

    The gov’t snipers had no angles and the sole helicopter was unarmed. My 308 could have taken it down as it was a recon chopper and not armored! The 700 or 800 still above on the roadway would have easily taken out any metro officers who would have been stupid enough to far at the crowd! I doubt there were more than 30 or so there! Would have also been a slaughter as they were just standing out in the open with no available cover, and the crown had all the vehicles they had driven up in! They were also in a death trap, too! The hillside snipers might have gotten a few of the crowd, but there was militia at the Ranch as back-up, and would have taken all but 1 position from behind!
    You might have wanted to actually speak with a participant from the wash and above that day, before speaking!

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The problem I have encountered is finding the right people to talk to. Thank you very much for your tactical assessment; I have removed my Introductory paragraph as a result and apologize for the error… I stand corrected and am glad to hear it.

      Now… what is being done to enhance communication between organized Militia units, agreements regarding logistics, and understanding their responsibilities under the Constitution when the governor and others in the chain of command are globalists?

      The international border with Mexico is being abandoned, not just by the Federal Government but the Governors of the states on the border. The evidence is the hundreds of thousands of invaders pouring over it, corrupting those living on it in order to survive, firing on our Border Patrol agents, and spreading disease throughout the republic while our government officials coddle them with our tax dollars.

      What is being done about the blatant treason at all levels of government, including members of sheriff departments and police?

  4. I train and serve in the California State Militia and since we are part of the “unorganized” militia, we don’t have bases or some of the other things you mentioned. We are also limited to what weapons we can use because of restrictive state gun laws. Other than that, we are very organized, we have ranks like the regular military, we are well trained, and have many former military and law enforcement officers in our ranks and a really skilled group of medics across the state as well. What you are talking about, making the militia even more organized and funded would be a dream come true (for me) and it would be great to see us become our state’s own military. As of now, California’s official organized militia is the “California State Military Reserves” who answer directly to the Governor of our state and help our regular military out when needed as well as helping out law enforcement, but the thing is, while they are the organized militia of our state, they don’t use the word militia in their name which I feel is a shame. I have much respect for both of our organizations though, but it would be nice if the Governor would activate the CSM once in a while too, which our local sheriffs do from time to time as well as other state agencies, but that is more like an all volunteer type of thing. The militia is we the people and it’s all supposed to be volunteer anyway, but it would be nice for us to become as organized as you write in this post.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The Militia is supposed to be independent of government and primarily focused on the life, liberty, and property of the people within the state. It is a buffer between the people and the government to assure that tyranny doesn’t consume them… like it is today. The weapons you’re training with are restricted because of legislative usurpation denying you the means to counter them when they move to enslave or destroy those they deem unfit or undesirable.

      Our right to keep and bear arms predates government and comes from our Creator… Today, the state commands the weaponry to repel attacks against it while denying you the means to repel attacks by them.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      The unorganized Militias commander-in-chief is the Constitution, not the governor or the President so it can be a force to oppose tyranny in government and defend the life, liberty, and property of the people in our communities. Today the legislature has uncoupled itself from their oath of office and routinely passes legislation in contravention of it… State forces, from the military to law enforcement enforces that usurpation against us and THAT is one of primary reasons for having a Militia; to counter usurpation and tyranny.

      “In a Constitutional Republic, the Constitution is the people’s permission for government. If the legislature doesn’t have the power granted in the Constitution it doesn’t have the power, period. Cops that have been brainwashed to enforce everything the legislature passes have become little more than bureaucratic drones, taught that their conscience matters little in the face of the law. This is the very reason I focus my attention on the oath of office because the primary object of that oath is support for the Constitution. Only laws passed in pursuance of the Constitution and in conformity with the powers granted by it are enforceable, not just anything the legislature can dream up or the majority of their constituents clamor for; we are not a democracy. If the police and sheriffs didn’t enforce usurpation and thus becoming armed thugs of criminal legislators, then the people wouldn’t be against them. Putting the power of what is just and lawful up to the legislature and the courts is a recipe for disaster that has existed for centuries, which is precisely why the Convention created a Constitutional Republican form of government, using the principle of Federalism to create a Union of sovereign states that would check excesses of power from each other.”

    • Az Ranger says:

      Oden, why wasn’t the CA State Militia at least mobilized for the Murrietta protests? And, why haven’t you guys been active in the defense of So Cal’s southern border? Is there ANY circumstance under which you folks would actually hit the field for?

      • Thomas Mick says:

        I believe many of the Militias have been infiltrated by officers not loyal to the Constitution or the State. Globalism is occupying our government today, not Americanism.

  5. JIm Bryant says:

    Your comments and perspectives are always interesting and ALWAYS get my due attention and consideration.

    A proposal for you to consider writing about: My wife and I live in a very rural setting in a small log cabin. We patriotically fly our American Flag off our cabin post…….but upside down, the Internatioinal sign of distress. Wouldn’t it be a symbolic unified gesture of defiance if EVERY American Patriot were to do the same…….and leave Our Flag in that configuration until the Rule of Constitutional Law, and Immigration Laws got enforced……and oh yes, our US Marine rescued from the political posturing of two inept governments.

    • Thomas Mick says:

      I proposed this some time ago on a radio show I hosted on BlogTalkRadio, also on my show, Restoring the Constitution, in 2002 on PalTalk. While today such an idea may get traction, it is a new phenomenon. Obama’s tyranny has done much to awaken American’s to the reality they face.

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