Is a Republican Victory a Victory for America?

Now that the Republicans have retaken both houses of Congress there are calls for repealing Common Core, the Affordable Care Act, and other flagrantly unconstitutional legislation passed by Congress and signed by Obama. I contend that repealing anything Obama has signed is both unnecessary and undesirable. Since he’s never been eligible to be sitting in the Office of President his signature has never been valid for the purposes of that office… the pontificating bullshit of lawyers and the media’s “experts” notwithstanding. There is no evidence that has been presented that shows Obama to be an American, much less a natural born Citizen, which is required by the Constitution in order to be President.

Congress, the Courts, and ALL of the various Federal agencies have been usurping YOUR powers and stealing YOUR property while attacking YOUR natural rights. These bastards pretending to be your allies are bought and paid for. Ted Cruz understands the eligibility issue very well… he’s banking on the fact that Obama has gotten away with it, since he’s clearly posturing himself to become our next ineligible President.

Isn’t there enough Natural Born American Citizens capable of being the President? Does the Constitution have to be destroyed in order for people to support someone for office? Have the American people totally rejected the INDEPENDENCE and SOVEREIGNTY of the American Republic in favor of internationalism and globalism? If that is the case, it explains the lack of financial and other support for people like me. Personally, I am disgusted with the way Americans hold onto to this scam; allowing the agents of our destruction to schmooze them over like a slick used car salesman… over and over and over and over and over again.

The truth is… Just ONE of those so-called heroes could have objected to the vote of the Electoral College and FORCED an investigation of Obama’s eligibility… JUST ONE; Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, or ANY of the members of Congress but they didn’t and the destruction continued unabated while the so-called opposition in the Republican Party caved on everything of importance; using it as political fodder for the next political contest. The Republican Party caved so that you hurt so bad that they would regain power simply by default… and guess what, they did. You voted exactly the way they thought you would… not for an AMERICAN party that was faithful to the Constitution… not for Independents that would have turned the ship of state towards sanity again… NO… you voted for the REPUBLICAN PARTY. For globalism light… the same people that let Obama get away with 6 years of usurpation and destruction.

The House of Representatives could have denied ALL funding for everything Obama was doing… ALL FUNDING. Yet the back room deals and rubber stamp politics continued unabated as millions of Americans were plundered, our homes fraudulently foreclosed on, our jobs moved overseas, and our resources used as collateral for the debt Obama and the Congress was piling on our children’s backs. The Federal government is at war with the Constitution that created it and is openly and flagrantly hostile to the limitations imposed upon it by the Bill of Rights. In the eyes of our so-called leaders, we are less that cattle and everything we possess is theirs for the taking… and our compliance confirms their assertion.

Barack Hussein Obama has never been eligible to be the President of the United States. The Constitution REQUIRES that he be a natural born Citizen, which he clearly isn’t. Yet people obey him because he took the oath, as if winning an election while committing fraud has some form of legitimacy. As long as Americans allow a FOREIGN enemy agent to usurped the Office of President, he will continue to not only do things that are devastating to the security, freedom, and property of Americans and their interests, but will get away with it as people continue to try finding a way to “legally” prosecute him.

Assuming that man is a legitimate President is defeating you… Allowing the globalists to stifle efforts to challenge his eligibility has closed a vital door to removing him and his actions from our republic. The media is doing your thinking for you… many of you are more afraid of being called a “birther” than getting to the truth. It truly amazes me just how easy it is for the media to marginalize people and get them to work against their own best interest. Our founding generation would be disgusted and ashamed at what their posterity has become.

About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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2 Responses to Is a Republican Victory a Victory for America?

  1. There’s an internal consistency to your argument, but it’s still based on an irrational denial of the validity of evidence available about Obama’s birth. In that, you are a member of a tiny minority that doesn’t include most members of Congress, or most voters.

    Like you, I haven’t held the physical evidence in my hands either. However, Obama had many opponents, including Hillary Clinton, who would have benefited by being able to disqualify his candidacy on the same basis that you use to deny his legitimacy. They weren’t able to, and I trust they had more access to the original material than you do. Therefore, based on the preponderance of evidence, you are mistaken and your assertion is disproved.

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