The Purpose of Government and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our Creator endowed us with unalienable natural rights when we were born. Those rights are inherent to our being and cannot be taken or given away. When we come together into society it becomes more and more problematic to an individual to protect those rights from the unscrupulous efforts of others, such as robbers, bankers, murderers, and the raw passions of others; doing so requires us to maintain a constant vigil, making the enjoyment of our rights impossible.

In an effort to secure our rights, which includes our right to enjoy and secure our property, we form government; not to impose our will on others but protect what is ours from the unlawful acts of others. That is the sole purpose of the law; to protect our life, liberty, property, as well as other natural rights that are necessary for us to pursue happiness in this life for ourselves and our families. Government is our servant and as long as it performs the duty it was created for, securing our rights, it deserves our support and compliance because it frees us to enjoy our rights in society.

When government officials begin to murder, rob, and defraud the people they’re no longer deserving of our compliance and support since they’re no longer serving their lawful purpose. To slavishly submit to their unlawful acts, allow them to determine the duration and course of our lives, ownership and disposition of our property, and treat our rights with contempt, is to become their willing slaves not a free people. When such a state exists it is the duty of the people themselves to rise up and oppose and abolish that government and re-institute it in its proper role.

This is a summary explanation that addresses the core of what legitimate lawful government is and what it is not. Today we’re in a state of total and absolute lawlessness by government. Our state and local governments are under the false impression that they’re subservient to the Federal Government which is a lie, since the states created it and hold the power to dissolve it simply by removing it from their borders and ceasing to comply with its unlawful demands. The will of the states and thereby the people in those states is expressed by the Constitution, which includes any LAWFULLY ratified amendments, such as the Bill of Rights; anything contravening that document is usurpation… exercising the power of another without right.

If we’re to regain our lost liberty and restore the ability to exercise our unalienable natural rights unobstructed we must remove those that hold our rights in contemp. The oath of office binds every official to our will and makes them subservient to the terms of the Constitution; while they’re in office they don’t have the luxury of an opinion to the contrary, since they’ve sworn to support and defend our will expressed in the Constitution. The unobstructed right to keep and bear arms is not optional… nor is any other natural right that is defined and not defined in the Bill of Rights (see the 9th amendment). It is the sole function of government to secure those rights and defend them from both foreign and domestic enemies… are they?

The American founding generation did not rebel against the King flippantly or on a whim. Those men earnestly sought to address their concerns amicably and peacefully but were spurned by both Parliament and the King. For much longer than the founding generation Americans have been trying to do the same, only to also be spurned, ignored, murdered, plundered, and be declared terrorists by our servants. Would you be so patient with an employee under your control?

Our governments, local, state, and Federal, have been waging war against us and have been for generations when you objectively investigate the facts. We have complied with usurpation and tyranny for so long that our servants have gotten the impression that they’re our masters. Many of our people have encouraged the lawlessness by demanding financial support from government in contravention of its purpose, since it must rob your neighbor in order to give what you demand. If we’re to regain our freedom we must respect the rights of our countrymen and demand that government respect them as well. A free people provide for themselves, are self-sufficient and independent; let’s fight to return to that world by returning government to its rightful place. Getting there is going to be difficult but life on the other side will be a blessing to us and our posterity. In my opinion it’s worth the effort and truly a pursuit of happiness.

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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