America at a Crossroads: which path will we choose?

By Thomas Mick

Since the election of 2014 it appears that those who still believe in the political process and elections have pretty much put their actions on hold, crossing their fingers in the desperate hope that maybe this time the Republicans will do what they’ve failed to do for decades, their jobs! The problem I see only too well is that most people as well as politicians no longer know the true nature of that job, because they don’t read the job description in the Constitution where it is defined; it isn’t to fulfill the wishes and desires of the majority but to simply secure our rights… period.

The insanity of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is enslaving our people and bringing us to the precipice of war… yet millions still hold onto hope that power hungry liars and traitors will “see the light” and magically transform into people who care more for the republic than their own sorry asses.

People seem to be living in a make-believe world where just wishing hard enough for something will somehow make it magically appear; bad people will suddenly become good, the wealthy elite will somehow get a social conscience and end hunger, and all the evil selfish people will just go away… kind of like a Hollywood script. Reality is much different and whether you believe it or not or recognize the fact that you’re in it, will prevail over the fairy tales that you’re buying into. When war breaks out, people will die… you won’t be able to wish the bullets or shells away; just ask those that lived through WWII in the world… or those today that are being slaughtered in the Middle East by the very people being forced upon communities in America today.

The enemy is within and they are determined. Your ignorance is their power and they control the sources of most of your information today. It appears that people have more faith in the mainstream media than the Bible; accepting as valid, laws that are in contravention of its principles. The same appears to be the case with the rule of law where the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land… people continue to comply with and support invalid acts as law and criminal legislators instead of honorable ones… since the Constitution prohibits government theft to benefit others.

Opposing government thieves and those people who support the theft for their benefit will involve standing up and fighting them, something that Americans today seem unwilling to do. Consequently America will lose its liberty, the lawlessness of government will grow commensurate with the lust for power and greed of our politicians and our children will likely never experience what the founding generation of this republic sought to leave them.

I have spent ALL of my adult life learning what America was meant to be… seeking the truth regarding our past including the ugly side of the people I at first idolized. When you seek the truth, idols fall… ALL idols fall. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and every other person involved in the struggle for American independence were human beings like us… The biggest difference that I see from today’s people is that there was a righteous anger in people that knew nothing of political correctness, only a desire to be free to make their own choices and a deep resentment in them for government’s desire to force its choices instead.

Our founders weren’t sheep but rebels who rejected the concept of the divine right of kings and desired a world of freedom and opportunity for all the people of the earth, not just themselves; it just started in American and threatens the despotic ambitions of the people that are destroying that freedom today. Globalism seeks a return to the feudalistic world of the dark ages, where the kings and barons controlled the people like property. Do you desire that for your children? Do you support the return to serfdom and poverty for all but the elite? If you don’t you have no choice but to fight these would-be kings and do all you can to ruin their designs for the future of mankind.

America has been taking the wrong path at many crossroads for well over a hundred years. Today we’re at what may be the final choice where war cannot be avoided and the consequence of defeat will be catastrophic to posterity, perhaps forever. Are there enough Americans left today that understand the revolutionary roots of our republic and the cost of liberty? Are there enough Americans willing to give the last full measure of their lives for the benefit of posterity? Are there enough Americans left that understand what America truly is?

©2014 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved.
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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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One Response to America at a Crossroads: which path will we choose?

  1. Sue Jaycox says:

    Again, a well written breakdown of the situation in America. How many countless times can this same topic be addressed in blogs, in hopes of raising up a revolutionary army? When is it going to be recognized that the majority of people in the country don’t know this stuff, and they don’t know that they don’t know?! I’ve got plenty of “righteous anger”, as well as thousands of others, but even the original Revolution had General Washington! Where’s the ‘leadership’? There are plenty of folks like yourself Mr. Mick, who bemoan our plight as a nation and are ready to blame the care less, hapless masses for not ‘rising up’. If you feel there can be, should be a revolution, then lead the charge. There is MUCH more to this than a people who have no righteous anger. The truth has been hidden, and the reason the media is owned by the WH is to suppress the truth and shape the thoughts of citizens to their favor and keep the majority dumbed down and in the dark. If the truth was truly broadcast on the main three networks, there’d be PLENTY of fury, and we know it.

    People who are paying attention, or are keeping an eye on internet news know that America is well past the “crossroads”. We have been slowly being forced down a path to destruction for decades by the NWO, commies, muzzies, et al and the time to stop it was decades ago. The best, that the people who know this is happening can hope for, is that they are pretty good with a gun. After the sellout vote on Amnesty last month, it is clear that there is no longer anyone in government, save for a few, that represent Americans.

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