010315_1627_APlanofActi2.jpgFriends make themselves available to friends when they need a friend, not just when it’s convenient or by appointment; often we find out who our friends are when we’re in our darkest hour because they’re the only ones left standing with us. Despair, grief, sorrow, and depression has claimed many lives when “friends” could not be bothered.

People should seriously consider who they call friend. If they’re not willing to take the time and be a friend to someone when they need it, they should be honest with themselves and that person and not give the impression they are.

Friends are there for friends in good times and bad; they’re more rare and precious tOld and in lovehan anything man can harvest from the earth or fill his vaults with. Most of us will leave this world having only met few real friends; treasure them as they treasure you.

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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