Destroying the Enemies of Freedom

Rothschild Bank

Rothschild Bank – London

Since the globalist corporate oligarchy, headed up by the Rothschild Banks and their corporations, gained control of the American people during the War against State’s Rights (1861-1865) they have slowly and clandestinely attacked the sovereignty, laws, and structure of the American Republic and formed it into a collection of corporations; creations of government that have no standing in the natural world. Corporations are creations of government and when the government incorporates itself… government of the people ceases to exist.

Today those corporations are attempting to finalize their take-over of the American Republic and the world by disarming the only force capable of stopping their goal of World Government, the American people. I believe with everything in my being after observing these monsters for over four decades that this is their end game and JADE HELM 15 is being implemented to disarm us. I am not alone, as I’m seeing patriots all over the country being alarmed by the martial array being deployed under the guise of an exercise that looks remarkably like preparation for war in their communities.

I have repeatedly seen comments of people that fear that something is going to be done to attack some force or installation that is being arrayed against us in this “exercise” called JADE HELM 15 or some corrupt court room, etc., then blamed on the patriot movement; seriously? I would find such action encouraging since the people attacking us are attacked and killed. I see no downside in the action and could care less that they did it themselves and then gave us the credit. To me that’s a bonus since the enemy was killed and patriots didn’t have to risk their own lives and material! Too many of us see through the charade of false flags today for it to work, at lease those of us that matter. The majority everyone keeps trying to win over will never do anything more that watch in this conflict… such has been the case in every revolution in history; most people just can’t be bothered with such things.

121614_2011_TheDefenseo1.jpgWe need to start fighting and America’s enemies, foreign and domestic, need to start paying for their subversion and destruction of the republic. Isn’t it time to actually perform the actions we’re blamed for? Especially when those actions defend the American Republic and attack the forces being arrayed against us! I don’t care what the nationalities are of the troops being used to disarm us, they are the enemy and if we wish to survive we must kill them!

This constant worry over what the media will say is maddening. Those talking heads work for the corporations that are enslaving us. Of course they’re going to frame the conversation to make us look evil and a threat to the uninformed; THEY’RE THE ENEMY!!! People have to get it through their heads that we’ve been infiltrated and they’ve trusted the wrong people for their information. The Barbie and Ken anchors of the local and national news are corporate employees that read a script handed to them by their editors/producers; their looks and personalities are used to connect them to you emotionally while they feed you bile and irrelevant bullshit.

When the media starts saying nasty crap about me I will consider that a badge of honor, since it will indicate that my actions warrant their attention; when that happens it will show that I’m hurting them in some way that matters! I want to hurt them… I want to bring their bosses down and destroy their ability to lie to the American people! They’re deliberately destroying America and have been for generations; it is long past time we stopped tolerating them and resisted what they’re doing to us with more than petitions, placards, banners, slogans, and demonstrations!

In a war you kill the enemy and destroy that enemy’s will and ability to wage war against you. If you don’t fight, you’re surrendering to that enemy and deserve everything that happens to you as a consequence. Millions of you are not fighting the enemy even though you know who that enemy is and what they’re doing; waiting around for someone to give you permission or ordering you to. The corporations have effective control over the infrastructure that would normally martial the Militia; they control the organized Militia that is currently constituted as well, as evidenced by their inaction in repelling an invasion of the republic. There will be no permission and the only orders that will be issued are to attack you! Do you have to see the bleeding corpse of your child or spouse before you’ll act? Because that is exactly what you’ll see just before they cap your ass if you don’t wake the hell up and start acting.

The founders of the republic gave you “permission” to act in the Declaration of Independence and their example when they acted to throw off the tyranny of the British Empire; will their posterity piss all of their efforts away in ignorance or follow their example and do the same?

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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6 Responses to Destroying the Enemies of Freedom

  1. Thomas, you are awake and your words are insightful and thought provoking. Anyone that reads your writing and continues to slumber deserves the fate they have coming.

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  3. I love all of your articles that I’ve read. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ann Duval says:

    Thomas, for you: Foreclosure Order – United Nations, IMF, Federal Reserve

  5. Ann Duval says:

    Hey Thomas, Great article – it’s so nice to see that you’re still “hitting the pavement” and alerting the sleeping population!

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