Opposing the Globalist Corporate Oligarchy

It would be wonderful if all Americans had the courage and grit of Pamela Geller, but sadly, it appears that people with characters such as hers are not so plentiful in America today. Islam senses the moral weakness of the west, which is why they’re making such inroads at forming their global caliphate. America is under the thumb of a corporate globalist oligarchy and Islam is the sword they’ve chosen to destroy the last obstacle to their goal of world government… the armed American people. While I believe their choice of weapons is an effective one, since Islam has had 14 centuries to perfect the art of conquest through the various forms of jihad, the only problem I see for them is their arrogance in thinking that once we’re destroyed the oligarchy can control them. The one solace I can take personally from this scenario is that even if we’re ultimately defeated and America is destroyed, the oligarchy’s own heads will fall due to their pride and arrogance.

A similar stratagem was used by the English in the past. They would hold their English troops in the rear while they employed the Irish against their enemy’s fresh troops until they got ground to bits by the swords, spears, axes, and other implements of war… then, when the Irish were sufficiently slaughtered and the enemy exhausted from the effort, the English would ride in and finish the battle with fresh troops and cavalry. The Muslims are being used in much the same way. They’re being introduced into our communities throughout the republic, along with the other American hating elements being allowed through our borders. When the oligarchy’s international forces under the United Nations are in place, Muslims will begin systematically butchering the American people. After sufficient numbers of shocked, unbelieving Americans are slaughtered, the United Nations forces along with the 82nd Airborne Division will move in; mopping up what’s left of us.

I would like the reader to also consider another very real possibility that will transpire during this time, certainly at the outset. Those Mexican and Central American illegals that are willing to scrub your toilets, tend your gardens, make your beds, and clean your houses for much less than Americans, have access to everything you hold dear at any given point in time. Especially those of you with wealth who can afford to hire a full time staff. Consider that many of those “poor unfortunate people” that you’re assisting by choosing their labor over your fellow Americans are members of La Raza and other radical communist organizations that are part of the Reconquista movement. How many of you and your families will never wake up one day because your servant slit your throats while you slept? Not all of these “poor unfortunate people looking for a better life” are what you think they are, just try to get a job with them working in the fields; their contempt for “gringos” is quite apparent in that setting when you’re vastly outnumbered by them.

Continuing on… we’re already seeing the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood is making with their agent, Barack Obama, appointing their members to key positions in the Homeland Security bureaucracy, while the oligarchy’s corporate Senate rubber stamps them all. The defense the American people assume will be there to protect them will be under the control of those committing the slaughter; providing no relief from that quarter. It is my opinion that ISIS was created and funded by the oligarchy for a specific purpose; to put fear and dread in the hearts of the western world. The wanton slaughter and endless beheadings are meant as a message to our politicians along with well-placed bribes and assurances they won’t be harmed I’m sure, so that there will be little resistance from those self-serving lying cowards. Fourteen centuries of dealing with politicians has taught Islam well.

Only the Militias that have been systematically attacked and demonized by the corporate media will stand between the people and certain death. Ordinarily, this would be the place where I would pump up and promote the organized Militia in America; expressing why Americans should join and support their ranks. I believe many of the commanders of the currently organized Militias have been neutralized, either through infiltration, threats, bribes, or other means such as power trips by people more concerned with being in charge than fulfilling the mission of the Militia. The reason I believe this, is due to their unwillingness to deploy against a clear invasion of our southern border, increasing malevolent conduct by militarized police against the people, and blatant corruption at all levels of government. Inaction is surrender and from what I’ve seen so far, the commanders of Militias in America have surrendered… chest thumping and bravado on social media notwithstanding.

There are dozens of Islamic training bases throughout the republic, with the stated purpose of training for violent jihad against the American people. I have not heard of a single raid against them or any molestation of their efforts by Militia whatsoever. The excuse I get frequently when I inquire concerning this, is the image they fear the media will give them… the media owned and controlled by the corporate oligarchy allowing these bases… really? Seems the Militia commanders are more concerned about their image before the enemy controlled media than they are about the lives, liberty, and property of their community.

I believe it is time for members of those units to consider a change of command, as well as tactics. Replace your compromised officers and begin operations as guerrilla units against the Islamic training bases, as well as those corporate officers posing as our government officials and their protectors. Restore freedom to your communities by removing the representatives of the oligarchy and take the war to those destroying America; disrupting their plans. I believe our current tactics of standing around and watching isn’t really working out all that well… what do you think?

The only hope America has to survive this storm is a revival of the Spirit of 1776 in all its forms. We must cast off the dividers that have caused us to pit ourselves against one another; the media has been very effective at isolating us and deflecting attention from the oligarchy… it is their job. If we’re to defeat America’s enemies, we must destroy their ability to tear us apart. Take the time you spent being programmed by your television training with your friends and neighbors. Stop sending a large percentage of your wages to the oligarchy through both your corporate state as well as the UNITED STATES. Prepare your homes and communities for war and come together and pray for courage and fortitude to endure. Together we can restore the American Republic, which was founded on limited government for only the purpose of securing our natural rights.

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