The Battle to Restore the American Dream

In the final push for world government the global corporate oligarchy, comprised of the modern day aristocracy of the banking and corporate elite, is running hard for the finish line. By seizing power over the natural world through their corporate fictions, they’re attempting to replace the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God with their creation; the all-powerful state.

The maniacal and murderous psychopaths running this show care little for mankind or the environment and certainly frown upon curing our ills, since they gain so much power and wealth treating the symptoms; many of which they create by manipulating and poisoning our environment. In addition, for centuries the bankers have financed the means for nations to destroy one another through war, more often than not instigating it through their agents and provocateurs.

From an American perspective, in the past the oligarchy had to at least keep the impression of constitutional government in order to prevent a general rebellion that would send their plans for world government into a tailspin. The American people used to treasure their freedom above everything and greatly resisted any attempts to curtail them. To see this reality, you only need to explore the unedited American history; the further in the past you go the greater the ties to the principles of Natural Law created by Nature’s God; principles that used to ring from the pulpits and hearts of the American people and inspired the American Revolution.

Those foundational American principles had to be erased from the minds of future Americans in order for the corporate… or created… to cover over and dominate God’s creation. Beginning in the 1870’s with the introduction of the German kindergarten movement in America, government began to slowly gain control over the minds of our people through their children… teaching each successive generation less about America and more about their creation. It took well over a century to accomplish, but today you can simply ask this generation questions about our revolutionary past and discover how much they don’t know about what was so precious to our people just a few generations ago.

I don’t believe the oligarchy will stop until they have everything they’re planning in place. Their goal is nothing short of total control over every person and resource; dominating and managing the future of God’s creation in their feudal corporate world. You can generate all the emails, letters, protests, demonstrations, court challenges, and non-violent movements you want… it will amount to little more than additional means for them to profit and gather intelligence against you. Nothing short of the destruction of their corporate empire will stop them or their lust for power over everything you hold dear; if, in fact, you still hold anything dear enough to fight for.

The emotional and so-called ethical platitudes being used today in the never-ending effort of mankind to vote, meditate, pray, or positively think its way back to freedom is being used by the people destroying it for the meaningful inaction it produces. While we put flowers in the barrels of their rifles and plead with corporate imposters posing as government officials, they continue to plunder and steal the means to buy more ammunition, armor, and the loyalty of foreign and domestic troops to nail the lid on the coffin of our freedom forever.

If the oligarchy wasn’t being pressed for time because of people revealing the truth and asking the right questions, they could just wait for the 50+ generation to die out and get their New World Order through attrition. But people are waking up and the truth is threatening their plans; something they cannot afford to allow since time is not on their side as long as nearly 100 million Americans still possess arms. Consequently, the illusion of constitutional government is being lifted and the naked grab for power exposed as they attempt to force their way to the finish line.

The closer we get to destroy their empire, the more they will seek to divide and pit us against one another. We must unite as Americans and put aside the animosity the media fosters and the agents of division create, embrace the principles of the Law of Nature and Nature’s God our enemies are trying to erase, and tear down everything that has been set up to rob us of our liberty. We must come together out of love for one another and show that love by destroying the forces threatening those we love; like a parent defending a child or a neighbor stopping a burglar, we need to remove the liars, thieves, traitors, and murderers that have gained control over our lives.

Only the use of righteous force will stop what is happening and then only by judiciously focusing it on the true enemies of mankind, Lucifer’s Aristocratic Corporate Oligarchy, along with those officials that support it in our community. Once we rid our land of their corruption and the harm it brings to our people, we will realize not just the restoration of the American Republic but the dream of those that founded it centuries ago, as Americans once again understand what it means to be an American

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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4 Responses to The Battle to Restore the American Dream

  1. Doug says:

    My ancestors fought in the Indian wars and the war for independence until we quit allowing these unregistered foreign agents to use their media to keep us at each other’s throats through race and fake emergencies and come together as Americans who are owed a republican form of government and deal with these criminals either by trial or take them out and hang or shoot them for the traitors they are then they will continue to utilize their private corporate mercenaries to pick us off one at a time on the evening news. It is us against them only we are just realizing it just like their crimes are coming to light we outnumber them and we are still armed you people need to do your homework cause what you believe are police are nothing but private corporate mercenaries haven’t you ever noticed that cops lawyers and judges only associate with other cops lawyers and judges they exclude us because they consider us below then, human resources, chattel. They don’t hide it they call us human resources. Look up the definition of resource and put human in front of it and you see how it is. Which makes them parasites by definition and as long as we allow them to create class warfare they will stay on top. They parasites are killing the host (US) so our only survival depends on removing the parasite but just like everything else in this instant justification society, everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Make a choice people before it’s made for you as they plan on killing off the Principal Creditors (US) to collect on the insurance policies they hold.

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