The Consequences and Effects of America Ignoring the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

Some things you cannot couch in pleasant terms nor color with lovely prose; the truth is not always pleasant nor should it be, it is the truth. My entire adult life has been in pursuit of the truth regarding American history and politics; pursuing what really happened instead of what the victor in war or faction in power at any given time told us happened. In over four decades, I have only scratched the surface concerning the nefarious and devious actions of officials behind closed doors; ambitious glory seeking sociopaths holding military or political office throughout the history of America.

There is one unchanging truth concerning human nature, you can always rely upon man to look after his own self-interest, often at the expense of his fellow man. In this age of political correctness, I need to point out that when I refer to “man” I am referring to mankind or the human race, not the male gender in particular.

When you examine the Congressional Record and take the time to look, it will amaze you what nonsense was done or attempted throughout our history by government. Since the globalist corporate oligarchy (oligarchy) ruling us today got control, starting in 1861, the nonsense has only increased over time until today there is no semblance of the America envisioned by our enlightened and often brilliant founders.

As a people, we have allowed government to operate far outside its proper role and become our master instead of our servant; to attack our natural rights instead of securing them. Many of our people look upon government today as their chief provider. They have gone from exercising the natural right to pursue happiness through individual endeavors to demanding sustenance from the State; something it cannot nor ever should provide, since a large part of happiness is the satisfaction of accomplishment when we achieve our goals in life.

The consequences of rejecting or abrogating the Laws of Nature in our daily intercourses with the world, either collectively or individually, are severe and Americans have been allowing attacks against them for years. The arrogance of the oligarchy knows no bounds and they’ve even found ways to manipulate the weather and climate of the earth; using it as a weapon against mankind in order to manipulate and control the human herd.

More dangerous though is the progress they’ve made programming the human mind through the visual cortex; something that has enabled them to change the very thought process and belief system of large numbers of people through various forms of the media, largely by manipulating our emotions through scenarios created in television and motion picture dramas, “reality shows”, and sitcoms. Since the 1970’s, Americans have been programmed to be what the oligarchy wants them to be. Unfortunately for the oligarchy, they made a huge mistake with the development of the Internet; losing control of the conversation, which is allowing many people to begin waking from their programmed delusion.

The changes that have occurred through the fraud, deception, manipulation, and programming has produced a deadly fruit in our communities and turned millions of our people into compliant drones of the state, part of the collective mind with no concept of the individual. We have allowed the oligarchy, posing as our government, to murder our people, steal our property, wage war on our natural rights, used our military to wage war on other nations in order to force them to conform to their will, and turn our posterity into debt slaves for the benefit of the elite… such things are not unnoticed by our Creator.

We may very well be in the last days; I always leave that to the Creator to determine. I believe that too many people are using the Bible like some crystal ball trying to determine what will happen when they should be more concerned with what is happening today, as well as doing something about it when it is within their power to do so. I prefer to leave the future in God’s hands and try to focus more on what he wants me to do today. America has repeated the same basic violations as other nations and empires in the past, just in a different time with considerable advancement in technology.

“Ecclesiastes 1:9… The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Holy Bible, KJV)

If we’re not in the last days, the survivors of the coming judgment will restore the American Republic in some form… I cannot see a movement for repentance like Nineveh upon Jonah’s pronouncement of judgment; we’ve become a modern day “Cities of the Plain” and true men of God are mocked and scorned like the prophet Jeremiah before Babylon destroyed the First Temple in Jerusalem. Millions of Americans have been praying for us to return to right principles but few have been willing to act for their preservation, I believe that is the great sin of Americans; we’ve been deceived into believing that only God can change our nation when in fact God requires us to perform his will and oppose acts of unrighteousness.

“If men have at any time wickedly and foolishly given up their just rights into the hands of the magistrate, such acts are null and void, of course; to suppose otherwise will imply that we have a right to invest the magistrate with a power to act contrary to the law of God,–which is as much as to say that we are not the subjects of divine law and government. What has been said is, I apprehend, abundantly sufficient to show that tyrants are no magistrates, or that whenever magistrates abuse their power and authority to the subverting the public happiness, their authority immediately ceases, and that it not only becomes lawful, but an indispensable duty to oppose them; that the principle of self-preservation, the affection and duty that we owe to our country, and the obedience we owe the Deity, do all require us to oppose tyranny.” – Samuel West, “On the Right to Rebel against Governors”, Boston, 1776.

Too many of our people are openly defiant of the Creator and have neither the knowledge of nor the inclination to follow the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Our compliance with the oligarchy over time has destroyed the moral fiber of America, our family cohesion, and our sense of reliance on the providence of our Creator. We’ve allowed greed, envy, covetousness, pride, and arrogance to turn America into a curse in the world instead of the blessing our Creator intended.


Maybe America can hold off the coming judgment through repentance and reconciliation, time will tell. This one thing is certain, if Americans refuse to fight and throw off the oligarchy and their agents, there will be an enormous cost in blood in this land. Those elitist sociopaths intend to cull the human herd by more than 90% and have stated so publicly in granite; just how do you suppose they’re going to accomplish that goal?

Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones

Inaction is surrender… can you honestly claim to love your family when you allow them to face such a future? The first shot against mankind was fired generations ago when the war against our natural rights was begun and the first person was harmed by those sworn to defend them; those still waiting for the first shot are actually waiting for their own destruction under a delusion of hope. The price of freedom hasn’t changed nor has the wages of sin despite the wishes of people to the contrary… both require blood and without the shedding of blood in the struggle for liberty there will be no restoration of America, only destruction.

Are you willing to pay the price for freedom or allow the destruction of all you hold dear through inaction?

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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5 Responses to The Consequences and Effects of America Ignoring the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

  1. fathercharlescoughlin says:

    Obama continues to separate ever further the Rule of Law from the Law of Nature. Now, we must ask daily, “Whose Rule of Law? That of the UN and Marxist infiltration? Or the true Rule of Law based solidely on God’s created Law of Nature?” See more at and http://www.CatholicMen.Info under “Important”

  2. Why weren’t our founding fathers smart enough to prevent the globalist from taking over? Why didn’t our forefathers defeat the globalist oligarcs? Why can’t we defeat the today?

    • Thomas Mick says:

      We can defeat them by removing their agents from our governments and replacing them with honorable government servants sworn to the organic Constitutions. Some of the men that made up the founding generation, such as Alexander Hamilton, were likely agents of the Rothschild Bank. Sociopaths didn’t start in the 20th century, they’ve been a part of the human race all along; remember the story of Cain and Abel? I believe the guiding force of the oligarchy is Lucifer himself, a fallen archangel that existed before the dawn of man.

    • C-CS says:

      they did – one being Washington who admonished the new Republic to -..”stay out of the affairs of Europe..”


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