The Enemies of the World

063015_1704_TheTrueStat2.jpgThe People of the world, especially Europe, are seeing the actions of our State Department and CIA as dangerous and destructive to their well-being. I can certainly understand their perception, since the world outside the American Republic only sees the actions of Washington, D.C. as America; the fact is, America is 50 nations formed into a republic. The District of Columbia, since 1861, has not been controlled by the American People through the Constitution that formed the Union. It has been subtly taken over by a global oligarchy without the informed knowledge and consent of the American People, under the cover of what the world knows as the American Civil War.

Washington, D.C. also known as the District of Columbia, is a City State today; it is not the capital of the United States of America or even a lawful part of the American Republic as the world perceives. The Constitution that created the United States of America is no longer in force or effect and hasn’t been since March 27, 1861, when 7 southern states walked off the floor of Congress and seceded from the Union. A chain of events, instigated by agents of the Rothschild Banks through societies such as the Knights of the Golden Circle, resulted in division in the American Republic with repercussions that would eventually reverberate throughout the world.

America is not the problem, it is the globalist corporate oligarchy; along with most of the so-called leaders of the world, whose greed for personal gain and power makes them easy prey for the oligarchs to buy off and manipulate. None of the evils that now plague Europe Angela Merkel NAZI salutewould be possible if not for your globalist leaders that have opened your borders; inviting and encouraging the psychopaths of the world to feast on you, at your expense. All of this misery has been brought to you courtesy of the oligarchs that control your leaders. The same psychopaths are being imported by the oligarchy to American communities by the hundreds of thousands without our consent… war is brewing in the American Republic as the threat to us internally grows stronger.

The oligarchs know the threat armed Americans pose to them, hence the reason they have patiently and imperceptively removed American principles from the American mind, through the schools Americans foolishly put under the control of government; starting with the Kindergarten program from Germany in the 1870’s. Inside the American Republic, there is a dark cloud of ignorance of American principles in the American people due to the government control of our educational institutions.

In tandem with the indoctrination of our people through the government schools, our state governments and institutions have been co-opted by the oligarchy’s agents over the last century and Americans have become accustomed to an oligarchy engineered counterfeit posing as government; something that wouldn’t have been possible had they done it immediately after the Lincoln Administration.

Ignorance of the truth pervades most countries of the world today. The oligarchy controls their sources of information and manipulates perception to steer the actions of the people to what they want. The media tells us who our enemies are and why; it creates the stories and structures the facts in such a way that we react as they desire, not as we should. Were we to know the truth, we would be at the oligarch’s throats, since they create the environment that leads us into war with other nations; the oligarchs are truly the merchants of death.

The true enemy of the People of the world is the House of Rothschild, their banks, and the corporations that feed off them. The only thing protecting the oligarchs is the lies they create; it is what feeds them. For nearly three hundred years, the Rothschild Family through their banking empire and those allied with them, has instigated and financed every conflict through their agents and brought untold misery to the People of the world. Until that empire of lies is brought down and the oligarchy destroyed, the whole world is at grave risk; especially as knowledge of their treachery is brought into the light. If the People of the world truly wish to live their lives in peace, we must stop believing the lies and unite against the oligarchy, not each other.

Thomas JeffersonI am struggling to inform the American people of their core principles, the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. If America falls completely to the oligarchy, there will no longer be an armed populace capable of throwing off the oligarchy and their military industrial complex. Nearly 100 million armed Americans are pissed at the drive of the oligarchs to disarm them, only at this time most only see the puppet Obama.

Help me inform my fellow Americans; without allies in the fight for liberty, America will fall and the world will suffer far more as a result. Americans have been lied to for generations now and need to hear the truth, help me deliver that message. Once we restore the American Republic, we can once again freely trade with the People of the world; providing both hope and the materials necessary to aid them in their struggle for liberty.

©2016 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved.
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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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3 Responses to The Enemies of the World

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  2. Gray Smith says:

    That is an excellent article, and I am going to circulate it widely among the family and friends that I care about. While reading, I thought of one other necessary piece to be able to provide our Patriots, and prospective Patriots with. And that would be a written source, preferably in book form that could be either purchased physically or electronically, that would serve as a BEST first introduction to the Constitutional Republic structure that it is the goal of all of us to restore. I don’t know if that takes the form of a readable history of the founding of our Country by the Founding Fathers; or a discussion of Individual Liberty and why it is so important…etc. Does anything come to your mind as to a publication that could serve as a single reference that we could send to those we are trying to educate, that could help them embark on the path toward comprehension of what was, what is now, and what we are trying to bring back?
    Thank you – Gray Smith

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