Resistance is Not Futile

Many Americans are paralyzed by fear of the “government”, thinking it is futile to resist the evil encompassing the land and those enforcing it. I was once one of those Americans; the more I learned of the elite and their tentacles of power, the more hopeless it seemed to stop them. Then the Spirit that set me on this mission reminded me of his power… over his creation.

Consequently, I no longer fear death but look forward to it as rest from my toils; my concern is for the freedom of my country and posterity. For me to not speak out when it is in my power to do so, is an abomination of everything I believe is important. For me, it is better to die than be silent when the freedom of the People is in the balance; at least those who understand what freedom is, fight for it, and are willing to maintain it once restored.

I have 5 children… they’re my posterity. When I held my granddaughter in my arms and looked into those beautiful eyes, I could see why the Spirit has led me on this mission. I love my children as well as the People who, like me, desire only to live in freedom and be left alone to pursue their happiness. It is their future that is at risk, their very lives.

As a decades long member of the resistance, everything important to me and those I love will likely be used against me when the oligarchs discover I’m effective. I cannot tell you how painful it was to begin the present journey I’m on, because I know that I cannot allow what they do to stop me to succeed; the stakes are too high for everyone. Only death itself will prevent me from fulfilling what the Spirit has given me to do and I know the Spirit of the Creator is greater than the sum total of the forces arrayed against me; I am going nowhere until it is my time.

If you love your children and desire to leave them free and happy, then you cannot be silent or inactive in the face of the tyranny rising all around you; if you can, then you truly do NOT love anyone but yourself and will be worthless to those around you when it truly counts. Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, give a shit or not, we’re at war with the accumulated efforts of centuries of wicked men and women and the demons that possess them.

Inaction will result in death, that is a certainty for those that have spoken out against our enemies and do nothing to stop them… talk is cheap. Action may also result in death, but that death will be honorable and cost our enemies dearly in blood and treasure… We WILL prevail if those the Spirit has called stand and resist the evil seeking to destroy us, we need only pray, prepare, and fight those seeking to harm us.

If the awakened People of the world fail to act, the very spark of freedom will be forever extinguished and the future of mankind will only know travail in their short and miserable lives under world government. Just how do you suppose the oligarchs will keep the population of the world under 500 million?

Fight or die… if you’ve been surfing the net and learning about the evil bastards, you’re flagged for death already. There is no escape except through the crucible of fire or the dishonor of meek surrender to the evil bastards, followed by execution. Even the forces of the oligarchs have contempt for cowards who refuse to fight and betray their People through inaction.

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About Thomas Mick

My life has been anything but normal in my years upon this earth. I have been all over the American Republic, seen and experienced the different cultures and people that make up this wonderful land as a youth. Now that my family is grown I am back on the road revisiting it anew with a more mature outlook tempered with the wisdom that comes from experience. I am an American, my passion is America, and my life is devoted to restoring American liberty.
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