Letting Go: Sacrifices for Liberty

3 Responses to Letting Go: Sacrifices for Liberty

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  2. Douglas-William says:

    I hear what you are saying and I refused to comply with Stanislaus County Sheriffs who were d/b/a Riverbank police I told them I didn’t want to do business with them and they had no jurisdiction over me I got stomped out by 6 of those pieces of shit they left all of my property to be stolen instead of properly securing it and they charged me with resisting arrest and I’m still going to court over it. So where is all the support I just got myself out from doing 20 years straight on a 52 to life under the 3 strikes law I’m doing my part but where are the back up I hear all this talk but the reality is you have a bunch of dumbshits that instead of working together they want to fight with each other either that or they are some cointellpro trying to confuse shit it disgusts me when are you people going to see the writing on the wall they are murdering us in the streets on the 6 pm news cause they don’t give a shit but we outnumber them when the government claims we broke the law they punish us well when government breaks the law who punishes them if not us when the people fear the government you have tyranny but when the government fears the people you have liberty and decent society time to step up or just bend over

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